An Excellent Start to Opening Riftwatchers Gems | My Experience With 80 Packs Opened

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There was a time I thought if I would even need to buy Potions from the market. The answer to that question is a "Yes". As you can see on the numbers below, I barely have sufficient Potions to open a fraction of my Riftwatchers Gems. I did not take a look at the Cards available. Opening these Riftwatchers Gems is going to be a fresh experience I'm going through while writing this article. I have already made the transaction and the backs of the Cards look very good. This might as well be my favorite design for the back of the Cards so far.

Amazing Way To Begin An Opening

The very first Card was a Legendary and then came a Gold Foil in the middle followed by another Legendary as the fifth. The second line turned out to be quite good as well. Overall I consider this an excellent start equipped with a Gold Foil Legendary Runemancer Atuat.

Keep The Gold | Rent The Regular

Total Value Breakdown

This comes from the amazing @peakmonsters service that has been around for a years providing some of the most important statistics as well as features to @splinterlands including the first version of Card Rentals that enabled investors to generate passive income from the Cards they don't use to play the game.

I won't make an overly long list of screenshots. You can all take a look visiting here. In fact you can take a look at any of the accounts as HIVE is a public blockchain with transparent transactions. I have already begun Leveling up some of my Cards. I will open few more Riftwatchers Gems within the day. I have to get busy with the collection.

Happy Gaming! Happy Investing!

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