Seasonal aviary cleaning and lots of fun for dogs 🐶🐶🐶

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Hello my dear friends!
Autumn is already very close. So I decided to start seasonal cleaning of enclosures. I don't really want to do it later during the autumn rains, so I rush to do the maximum so that later I can only fix minor problems.


Porthos was very impressed with my efforts and literally hypnotized me the whole time. He also made several attempts to break into the enclosure. He, of course, tried to convince me that it was solely to help me, but I know for sure that his plans were to dig holes in all corners of the enclosure 😁
A flock of wild pigeons also followed me closely. They were obviously unhappy that I, busy cleaning the aviary, did not bring the grain that they steal from my birds. I, looking at them, in turn, thought that they were obviously overeating and they needed to lose weight! They already look more like ducks!
Karma was offended by me, because I collected and threw away all the boxes, plastic cups, paper and boxes of cat pate, which she diligently scattered around the enclosure.
But dogs are especially lucky today. We went to the lake. Now we do this very rarely. They ran and played, they had really fun. I'm glad they had a good time.






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