My opinion on the current state of blurt : Stay Strong...!

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Hello everyone ,
How are you all ? I hope people reading here are fine and doing great in their life.

Alot is going on at the frontend level of our platform. I observed few good investors and curators powering down and some even selling blurt. It is their blurt and they have the right to do whatever they want to do with it so i won't say anything to them.



Yes but to the people who are afraid regarding the future of blurt i must say that we have faced more tough time then this. We have survived and stand tall together.

From year 2020 till now we have fight and stand against everything wrong for the platform. Thanks to the people who are believing in us and continuing to work ignoring what's happening.

Mark this that the market might go down for sometime , maybe a month or even more than that but also it will rise once selling pressure on the market is over. I won't say much and i would leave the rest to people. Those who want to stay are most welcome and those who want to go have their rights to go.

For me i will update my witness properties once i am at my laptop.


Until then i am just going to stay active here and see if i need to write anything to anyone in case of misunderstanding.

Stay tuned...!

Thank you

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I bought close to 1400 blurts today and gave them to bp. It is not very big for today, but I think it will be important for the future.

Weak hands will sell. This is good. Only the strong will survive.

What do you mean by i will update my witness properties? There is something changing?

Blurt is young, less than 2 years, it looks like also there is a lot of development then it's normal there are problems with few people, just need to wait that the one not really interesting left the place replaced by more concerned people ;)

I noticed that you didn't use all your 30 free votes for the BLURT block producers, if you have time don't hesitate to look at my application

nalexadre on BLURT.jpg

as tekraze replied , i meant that i would update fees properties for my witness.

I ll also read your intro for sure.

Thanks 👍

The fees related properties

Thanks for the info