The Moroccan Ibn Battuta

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Ibn Battuta is the most famous traveler and explorer of the Arab world. He traveled more than 120,000 km and visited three continents: Africa, Europe, and Asia. He discovered his passion for travel during his trip from Tangier to Mecca for the pilgrimage.

He wrote a book called "Journeys" in which he tells the stories he experienced during these trips.

He started his journey to Africa after his return to Morocco, leaving from Fes and passing through Sijelmassa. After Taghaza, he arrived with the men who accompanied him in the great Sahara desert. They could find water in the valleys and drink and wash their clothes, but their worst enemy was the lice. They did not let them rest or walk. They put mercury on their necks and backs to eliminate the lice.

But many died of thirst or got lost in the desert, not knowing which way to go because the wind was always moving mountains of sand that disappeared or changed place in just one hour.

Ibn Battuta said that their guide could not see with his right eye and was ill with his left eye and that he even knew the Sahara as if he had a compass.

They met nomads hunting herds of zebras not to eat them but to take water from their bellies.

He said that he saw many snakes, some very big and colorful. One of his friends was bitten by a snake, and they had to resort to the Cauterization of his finger to stop the pain but in vain until they amputated his hand.

They walked at night and slept in the morning because it was boiling. They bought water every time they passed through a village. Finally, after two months of travel, they arrived in Iwalaten in Sudan. They were skinny and exhausted because of atrocious underfeeding.

In this village, the woman had great power and a strong personality, and the men were at the service of their wives who had companions that did not bother their husbands, and the children bore the names of their uncles and not the terms of their fathers.

After twenty-four days of walking, he arrived in Mali.

I invite you to read his book, in which he tells many very original stories.


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