Story "A Witty Daddy" for Blurtlatam Micro Story Contest

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A few years ago, there was a hard working and wise man. But his lonely son was very lazy and inactive. He had a bad habit of playing all day in the streets with his friends. His mother was illiterate. That's why, she used to hide her son's harmful habit from her husband and thought it was her affection for him.

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One day, his dad found him wasting times in playing. He didn't scold him or beat. He thought of his improvement in an intelligent way. He sent him to a carpenter for learning carpentry. The carpenter was kind hearted and honest. So, he agreed immediately and promised to give him a coin for his work in a day.

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The boy sets out for going to the carpenter pretending his father every morning. But he doesn't go there and spends times in games and idleness. When the sun sets he returns to his mother and she grants him a coin. The boy takes it and gives to his dad. His dad throws it away after grasping it with his hand daily. Because he knows his wife bestows him these coins considering it affection.

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After a few days, when all of the coins that his mom had, came an end, she said to her son that I wish you go to the carpenter because I haven't no more coins to give you. The boy had to go there and work all day. He came back to the house in the evening and he had a coin.

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His dad took the coin as he used to take it every day and wanted to throw it far away. But the boy shouted at the highest pitch of his voice, he grabbed his dad's hand and said : Please don't cast it Papa! I have earned it myself working whole day, Papa don't do so! His dad understood his son has earned it himself.

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After that day, the boy knew himself. He started working hard and began going to work daily. In this way, he became a laborious boy. His friends and his village's people began wondering how he became hard worker and active from idle and inactive. But it was his father's wisdom.


At last, I would like to thank blurtlatam for organising this creative micro story contest. Thank you so much blurtlatam team for your regular efforts and bringing useful things for the entire community!

Best vibes and regards!

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