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at this time the weather is very cloudy I tried the figure of a small insect I walked towards the big trees which are very close to a forest where I live here is a place for ants to nest and I found several ants that were swarming like a very compact group among them there who experienced a quarrel among ants.

but this has become a habit in insects looking for food. They help each other and some bite each other. I tried to approach this ant collection for me to take some photos.

I saw so many ants and the shapes were also different, like this is indeed a cage of gatherings, all at the root of the tree, it is very large and has dry leaves that have fallen. I took the opportunity to take photos of these ants because the ants here have several types.



This insect has sharp mouth fangs. The ant is a tree ant. Usually this black ant gathers on tree branches or at tree roots. He attacks anything on the tree like caterpillars and whatever is on the tree, he will eat it because these ants have fangs. very sharp mouth if we are bitten by this ant it will hurt.




This ant association is one of the groups where they choose a leader from each of their groups, I found several other insects such as red ants and ants that usually fall on the guava tree. The red insect is an ant that is very painful to bite. all right, my friends, here are some ants that I found today, hopefully it will be useful for all of us.






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