Conquer Stress and Problems with These Proven Writing Practices! 😉

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Today I want to share with you some of my practices that help me manage stress and make life easier. Writing has been a great tool for me to reflect and organize my thoughts, and I’ve found it to be incredibly helpful for managing stress.

I used to have a habit of writing a short essay every morning on the first topic that came to my mind. This is a rather interesting practice that allows you «to pull» topics that concern you from your subconscious. It often brings up topics I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of, and helps me to better understand my feelings and reactions to different situations.


By the way, this can work in a different way, when you ask yourself a question in the evening, and in the morning, as soon as you wake up, you start writing. For example, something like "What's my problem with money?" Oh! I seem to have brought to the surface my own topic of concern. However ... I think that the problem of money worries many, especially since the economic crisis is growing.

It’s important to just get started with the writing process and not overthink it. That is, you wake up, take a notebook and a pen (or a tablet and a stylus) and start writing. The option of making yourself a cup of coffee first is not suitable. Writing first thing in the morning can help to bring clarity on issues that are weighing on your mind and allow you to better process the information.


Another helpful practice I’ve found is to spend some time each day reflecting and writing down my thoughts. This practice helps me to identify what’s causing me stress and allows me to come up with solutions to those problems. I’ve found that this practice helps me to relax and creates a sense of peace within me, and it also helps me to stay focused on the bigger picture, rather than getting caught up in the small details.

Finally, it’s important to take some time each day to do something that brings you joy. Making time for hobbies, exercise, or just going for a walk can help to reduce stress and refresh the mind. Taking a few minutes each day to do something that brings you pleasure can help to make life easier.


These are just a few of the practices that I use to help manage stress and make life easier. Writing, reflecting, and taking time for yourself can all help to reduce stress and increase wellbeing.

Writing down your problem is one of the most effective ways of working with your subconscious and reducing stress. It may not seem like it would be the case, but when we take the time to put pen to paper and write out our problems, we are essentially beginning to untangle the knot of confusion that can otherwise be overwhelming.


When we start writing down our problem, we are essentially breaking it down into a series of small tasks. This can help us to recognize that while the problem might seem too big to handle, it is actually composed of different parts that can be worked through one at a time. By taking the time to really think about the problem and write it down, we are able to gain clarity on what needs to be done to resolve the issue and make progress towards finding a solution.

Writing can also be beneficial for our mental and emotional wellbeing. Putting our thoughts down on paper can help to process our emotions. We can also draw connections between our thoughts and emotions and use writing to gain insight and clarity. Writing can also be a great outlet for expressing our feelings and venting our frustrations.

In short, writing can be an effective tool for working with the subconscious and reducing stress. By taking the time to write down our problem, we can begin to untangle the mess of confusion and make progress towards finding a solution. Writing can also be a great way to process our emotions and gain insight into our thoughts and feelings. So, the next time you are feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to write down your problem and start the process of working towards a resolution.


Problem: How to be more productive with problem solving?

Problem solving can be an intimidating and overwhelming task. It requires a lot of energy and mental stamina to find the right solution. Most of us feel overwhelmed at the thought of tackling a problem, and this usually results in procrastination and frustration.

However, it is possible to be more productive when faced with a problem. With the right approach, it is possible to break down the problem into manageable components and work on them one at a time. This will help you to identify the root cause and ultimately arrive at a satisfactory solution.

Below is a table of steps that will help you to become more productive when problem solving:

Step 1Take the time to fully understand the problem. Ask questions to gain clarity on the issue and identify the root cause.
Step 2Break the problem down into manageable components. Use a variety of techniques such as brainstorming, mind mapping and note taking to identify areas of focus.
Step 3Research and explore different solutions to the problem. Consider the pros and cons of each solution and choose the one that best fits your needs.
Step 4Take action. Implement the chosen solution and evaluate its success. Make adjustments as necessary.
Step 5Reflect on the problem solving process. Ask yourself what went well and what could be improved upon.

By following these steps, you can be more productive when problem solving. Taking the time to fully understand the problem, breaking it down into manageable components, researching and exploring different solutions, taking action, and reflecting on the process are key to arriving at a satisfactory solution.

With the right approach, problem solving can become an enjoyable and rewarding process. Implementing the steps outlined above can help you to be more productive and successful when tackling any problem.


Organize It. Don't Be Alone.

We all have tasks, goals, and ambitions that we need to accomplish. But, it can be difficult to figure out how to go about tackling them and making sure they get done. That’s why it’s important to organize and don’t be alone in the process.

A great way to get organized and make sure you don’t get overwhelmed is to create a plan and set deadlines. A great tool that can help you do this is a table that outlines the tasks, deadlines, what is required to achieve the goal, and who can help. This can be tailored to fit your needs and help you stay organized.

Another important point is to not be afraid to ask for help. It can be tempting to try to tackle everything on your own, but it’s important to know that you don’t have to be alone in this process. People are more than happy to help if you just ask. Even if they refuse or are unable to help, you won’t be worse off for having asked.

Lastly, remember that simple solutions are often the best. It may not seem like a cutting-edge approach to solving your problems, but it’s worth giving the tried-and-true methods a try.

Organizing your tasks and goals is a great way to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed. Leverage a table to help you set deadlines, know what is needed to achieve your goal, and who can help. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those around you and ask for help. And, don’t underestimate the power of simple solutions. They may not be the most glamorous, but they can be incredibly effective.


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