Today we woke up again from the sound of explosions. Is the war compatible with plans for the future?

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Hello my dear friends!

This morning was not good. At four in the morning there was an explosion. It was fascist Russia that shelled the Kyiv region from the territory of Belarus.

This happens every time our army has success at the front. In impotent rage, Russia begins to bomb our cities. Their strategy is clear: to intimidate the civilian population to such an extent that we will begin to put pressure on our government to conclude a truce.

But there is one fundamental mistake in this. Every time they bomb our cities, the determination to win this war grows stronger in our souls.

Today is my daughter's birthday. But she texted me first: How are you? Are you okay?

Yes, I'm fine. Together with my people, with my country I become stronger every day. And despite everything, I have plans for the future.


I do what I have to. I volunteer, help animals that lost their homes due to the war, work, take care of my house and my animals. Despite everything that happens, I try to live in such a way as not to let the world fall apart around me. Yes, it's a very small part of the world. But if each of us, in his place, supports life instead of falling into despair, we will not only win, but also prevent our country from turning into ruins.

Today I started the renovation in Chamomile's room. I will do it myself. When the war began, I was completely at a loss: what to do? Should I continue the repair work that I started before the war? Does it make sense?

But I also understand that the war can drag on for a long time. Even if the hot phase of the war ends as early as this year, we will have many years of life ahead of us with the risk of being subjected to rocket attacks at any moment. And then I decided to live on ... and continue to do everything that I started.

And so I started the first independent repair project in my life! Of course, my friend who knows how to do this advises me, but then I act on my own.

Below you see two videos. The first shows how we started. I took a picture of the room, then I took absolutely everything out of it, leaving bare walls. I thoroughly cleaned the walls and ceiling and in the second video you can see me applying the primer. Now it dries up. Tomorrow will be a very crucial moment - I will start plastering the walls!

If this experience of mine is successful, I will probably take the risk of applying the new knowledge in my home. I still have a lot of work to do there, but I felt completely helpless because I don't know how to do repairs at all. But I like it and I will be glad to get a new experience. After all, this is also creation when you create space around you.

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