Joe Rogan - We Should Be Concerned About Solar Flares & Coronal Mass Ejections

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Joe Rogan - We Should Be Concerned About Solar Flares & Coronal Mass Ejections

Infinite History
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Joe & Randall Carlson talk about solar flares, coronal mass ejections from the sun and solar storms and how it could affect our current power grids! The Carrington event in the 1850's was an example of one of these moments where it caught the earth on fire in some ares! & another one in A.D 775 event similar to the carrington event but it was 20x stronger!! Leave your ideas in the comments

From JRE 1772

Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, scholar, and teacher. His podcast, "Kosmographia," investigates the catastrophic history of the world and evidence for advanced knowledge in earlier cultures.

Solar Tornado Erupts, Weird Earthquakes, Ocean Shutdown | S0 News Mar.18.2023

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Experts on the Disaster
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Earth's 12,000-Year Disaster Cycle is About to Hit Again

Ever since the Astronauts of Apollo 8 saw "Campfires or Bonfires" (most likely Plasma Discharges same as we see on other planets & moons) on the Dark Side of The Moon on their transit in 1968 NASA has been actively dismissing this without any reason... Why?

Even today, NASA continues obfuscating any evidence of Electricity's far greater role in Space than Gravity when it is becoming so obvious the average Lay-person can no longer ignore it without a WTF~!!!

All of this to Cover Up Evidence of Eltricity in Space is to keep the Fossil Fuel industry Strong while suppressing all information that would help the public realize we have created Free Energy devices with Electricity and it is the most important fact being Suppressed since the 60's.

The Military is always 30 years ahead of the Public Sector as the saying goes...

And in September of 2019 the Public Sector Announced the SAFIRE Project had: DONE IT TOO~! SAFIRE can not only create Free Energy...

It can also Remediate Radioactive Waste & Clean Up Fukushima~!

Now we see why Covid was released that same month in September 2019...
And why the FBI ramped up their FBI-FLAT-EARTH Operations to confuse the public even more with little bits of Electric Universe Theory thrown in to create the 'Controlled Opposition' Camp that the Flat Earth community has become.

Electric Universe Theory & Plasma Cosmology 2022

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