The Expanding Earth Hypothesis

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The Expanding Earth Hypothesis - Plate Tectonics vs Expansion Tectonics - Facts vs Fiction

Magnetic Reversal News
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5,085 views Premiered Mar 18, 2023

Expanding Earth and Pangaea Theory
5.74K subscribers
1,119,178 views Nov 15, 2010

Ted Holden: Do Dinosaurs Pose a Gravity Problem? | Space News
Thunderbolts Project
212K subscribers
92,435 views Mar 21, 2017

In this episode, we ask Ted Holden, author of "Cosmos in Collision", to explore the controversial question: Do dinosaurs pose a gravity problem? Scientists tell us that for about 165 million years on planet Earth, fantastic and often giant creatures called dinosaurs ruled our world.

Of course, the largest of the dinosaurs dwarfs any animal that walks the earth today. Yet consensus science tells us that earth's gravity was not weaker during the Mesozoic era. How is this so?

Wallace Thornhill - Future Science in our Electric Universe
Electric Universe UK
7K subscribers
19,444 views Apr 28, 2021

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