Is fear our master?

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Lately, I've started to face many of my fears, which got me thinking.
Have you ever wondered if fears control our lives? A vast field for the earthly "Hunger Games." Come to think of it; this is already a reality.


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Historically, people's fears of war controlled their actions and lives. The panic that the world around us sends to our subconscious. The fear that today he will be called up by the army, and now is the last moment you see him. Families have run far away, hiding their children of fear not to lose them.

Others feared running out of food and greedily attacked shops, strangers' homes, and hospitals. We fear politics and wars, but what we should fear is ourselves. We do not know what our ancestors experienced or what kind of fear they felt. This lack of knowledge makes us sit idly behind our TVs until the problem comes to us.


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Fear of death

You might think this post is pretty bleak, but that's the reality. Every fear leads to this. The worst fear of all. The fear of death. Why is it the scariest?
It changes a person. Yes, every fear changes us, but this one can cost us our entire future.

Reflecting on what is happening around us or after losing a loved one, we realize that time is not as long as we hope. It flows, and we do nothing meaningful with our lives. We see how the loved ones around us grow old and disappear, and we know that the final hour will soon come.

Thanatophobia can make us forget even our family. Caught up in fear, we forget the here and now and think only of what lies ahead. However, the more we think about it, the more it becomes a reality. Not knowing what awaits us beyond is terrifying.

In such situations, it is suitable for a person to find refuge in faith and family or surround himself with his closest friends. Only in this way will they realize that what is waiting for us there is not essential, but what is waiting for us here is—the memories we make our legacy.


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Newborns's fear

From a young age, fears indeed control our lives. We are born and begin to crawl, but we are too afraid to stand up and find balance. We get up, we fall, and again fear takes over. Many parents make a mistake in such situations.

They panic, run immediately to see if the child is okay, and instill additional terror in his still fragile subconscious, which in most cases can stop his attempts for quite a long time. So don't panic, be calm around the child, and it will surprise you when you least expect it. We don't decide when they will walk; they choose when they feel confident. You have to see it for yourself. The feeling is fantastic, and you will never forget it. I will always remember my little boy's first steps.

He was afraid to get up because he kept falling, and his grandmothers would rush in, panicked. And one day, he did it. While playing in the other room, he came to the bedroom and brought me my phone - I was so proud of him!

Let our children not grow up in a terrible world. Together we can make it better. It is our destiny to
suffer from the past, to long for the future, but to forget the present.
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