The Hague issues arrest warrant against Putin and thus exposes itself to ridicule!

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The West cheers, our politicians rejoice and our media dance merrily in circles because the International Criminal Court in The Hague has issued an arrest warrant for war crimes against Russian President Vladimir Putin. As always, our media and politicians do not think a step further, so this action is actually nothing more than the renewed exposure of double standards and hypocrisy of the West!

Exposed above all is hypocrisy in the face of all the conflicts of last decades, in which the West bears a considerable share of blame, because the (self-appointed) "protective power", the protective rule in the West of course welcome this decision and Joe Biden thinks that this arrest warrant against Vladimir Putin is justified in any case. The interesting thing is the USA itself does not even recognize the legitimacy of the International Court of Justice.

Of course, the lack of recognition of the international court has its good reason, as we all know, because if the U.S. would recognize this court, then some former U.S. presidents, such as George W. Bush or Barack Obama would have a big problem, both Bush because of his war against Iraq (keyword: The Nayirah testimony), which was illegal under international law and forced by a deliberately staged lie, in which over 1 million civilians died, and Obama because of his drone war in the Middle East and the associated civilian casualties, to name just a few examples.


One could now enumerate a great many more outrages committed by the criminals from the White House - some of whom now call themselves "ex-presidents" - and for this reason, of course, the elitist forces of the United States do not want to risk these former presidents being held accountable after the fact, instead they would rather be awarded Nobel Peace Prizes, as has actually already happened with Obama, sad but true.

Exactly this behavior is a not to be overlooked sign for it, how here with double moral and hypocrisy politics is operated, because all the same whether one finds now this warrant good or rejects, one is nevertheless hopefully clear, and that is the fact war crimes are never to be justified in any way, all the same whether they were commanded by a US president or by a Russian president, and that simply shows here once again how double standards are applied here!

The international court has lost by its double standards naturally also in the eyes of the world public its legitimacy, because its credibility is now completely gone! If one lets oneself be made here quite clearly an instrument of power of the west and measures as already mentioned with double standards, then one is no longer a court, but simply only a political tool for the service of national interests, in this case those of the USA.


In view of this embarrassing behavior, with which the "Western community of values" has only harmed itself and disgraced itself to the bone in the eyes of the world public, there is not much left of this arrest warrant, except that it is supposed to be a huge PR (public relations) for the West with a lot of symbolism. Let's face it, we are unlikely to see that should Vladimir Putin make a state visit anywhere outside his own country, whether anyone is megalomaniac enough to arrest the president of a world and nuclear power, thereby risking major diplomatic entanglements up to and including a world war.

How this PR is supposed to bring an advantage for our community of states, if this announcement cannot be followed by any serious action for the reasons mentioned above, is a mystery to me. Perhaps I expect too much from our representatives of people, if I assume they have already considered the consequences of their actions in advance, instead of just mindlessly continuing until one day it is too late for them and hopefully they have not yet managed to drag their nations into the abyss.

So we all know no head of state worldwide would be stupid enough to have Putin arrested, which could well trigger a global nuclear holocaust with losers on all sides, but the very fact politicians & journalists in our climes don't recognize the danger of such a "bluff" clearly shows what kind of people are in power here (unfortunately) and how they endanger us all until they eventually take it too far and are therefore deprived of power by their own peoples, which is only a matter of time!



At least we have here once again a wonderful example for the critically thinking people among us that Western politics is always only about double standards and that here courts of law - as one already knows from the last years - are only abused for political interests, which will certainly not have escaped the eyes of the non-Western world.

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