Stop being fake and be real in life !

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Assalamu alaikum ,
In this beautiful life we often have to act fake in front of others due to some or the other reason. Some justify being fake and some do not appreciate it at all.

In my opinion being fake is your weakness and it actually means that you are not a strong person. The reason is quite simple and that's someone else controls you and based on that person reaction you act fake or be real.



Be yourself and stand for what you think is right. Some people say yes to others just because they want to be bad in others vision. There can be examples where doing this can become necessary but for most of the part in people's life today the reasons why we do this is not acceptable.

Suppose you are stuck at a place where there are gangsters around you , here you have to stay silent and you cannot aford to speak against them as doing that can cost your life.

So there are some genuine times when people have no choice but apart from that we should try to be what we are. People change themself for others but what is the point of staying somewhere where you are not accepted in your real form.

Believe in yourself and no one will try to change you , people will rather change themself if you are confident about yourself. What do you think ? Am i right or wrong ?

Thank You


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Absolutely the more authentic and real the better, only then can we have telepathy as a planet