Only 4 grams of a beautiful flying life - Goldcrest

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The smallest bird in Central Europe


Goldcrest (Regulus regulus) reaches a maximum of 9 cm in length and is very delicate and light. The wingspan is 13-15 cm. In Poland, this species of bird is considered the smallest. Its name comes from its dimensions and this crown-like cap - meaning "Mouse King"



It can weigh as little as 4 grams

He has a small but stocky build and can weigh between 4 and 7 grams. . The top of the body is olive-green, and on the head there is a characteristic yellow tip or, if you prefer, a cap with a black border. Sometimes, when the males bristle and put the tip, you can see that the underside is orange.



The underside of the belly is a lighter olive gray color. The rims around the black eyes are white. You can see white stripes on the wings.



A sad grimace

This bird has a characteristic grimace, and when viewed from the front, it looks as if it is sad.



The place where you can meet the bird is mainly Europe and Asia. In Poland, it can be very numerous throughout the country. It lives in coniferous and mixed forests, but it is most often seen in spruce trees.

Does the Goldcrest fly away for the winter?


Goldcrest does not fly to warm countries for the winter, which is why its mortality rate is quite numerous. Likes the company of tits. Although he is very small and agile, he can sometimes be noticed by hearing the characteristic singing which reads: si, si, si.



The food of the bird

He looks for small insects in the crowns of spruce trees and on branches, and he loves ants for invertebrates. In winter, it looks for insect pupae and larvae, but it does not despise the seeds of cones either.



Nest and young chicks

Builds nests on the highest parts of spruce or fir. The building blocks are moss, feathers, bristles, lichens, and cobwebs. The female lays 8-10 cream, densely red spotted eggs. Incubation takes 14-17 days. The young leave the nest after more than 2 weeks.


This beautiful and delicate species is threatened with extinction and is under strict protection in Poland.

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