A Good Day In The Wilderness After The Morning Storm

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‘Todays gonna be a good day.’

‘Father if it is Your will’
‘A visitor to study with.
Some weed.
Some direction.’

‘Thank you.’

My Queen of the South whose name is always withheld to protect my Protected heard my short prayer.

She knows what happens after our two weeks together.


I had lost some prayer time trying to Protect another from the clear attacks on Her as my will-always-be-connected associate. The superhero’s girlfriend. Immutably.

So life changed today as the tires on the dresser blew out. Turns out those are supposed to be for occasional travel and airport floors or something. Gonna have to adjust something with the foot mobility soon. All day workout until I do. God wastes nothing.

I could blame Luke Winegarden but he has yet to recant his fearful man lies about me to counter the truth of his own behavior. As if the Lord doesn’t know his deeds.

Got a hot shower for the first time since the Think Dignity crew was by two weeks ago. God bless those angels. Especially the one who remembered my name after meeting me once.

Met another woman who cares about what The Word says and how the American churches are teaching lies about their salvation.

She’s got a powerful name but same drill for the Protected here.


Think Project Veritas for the wolves in sheep clothing.

Nobody has come down to the beach with the wolves to counter my teachings yet. Is that not a prophet’s responsibility?

I’ll just continue to collect reports of the teachings you are trying to get away with. Tomorrow is 21 days in. More than halfway and the ministering spirits keep flowing. In the age of Ai, the wilderness is the safest place to be.

You civilized living in boxes have absolutely no idea the conversations the homeless are having about you. Loving conversations about how you seem dead in Spirit and already submitted to the Ai. Some of us Truly wish you would hear.

Don’t think I’m down! I have everything a man could ever need. Somebody sent me a package I think I get to pick up tomorrow and food is being provided by many of the ministering angels. Resources are to serve others. Widows and orphans.

Traded a hoodie out of the suitcase for some weed today. Need to lighten the load on the suitcase anyways.

Queen of the South knowing smile.

I told her day one my Father never leaves me without weed. She’s seen it already. I’m always out front about weed with Wisdom because I know what it does for me. And that the WISC use it against young Spirit seeking children.

Don’t smoke weed when we study. More for me. 😎

We had a family party on the boardwalk as the sun came out for the first time in many days here on Prophets Beach!


The mom and son who keep to themselves are back. They were visited by some nearby medical students who carry orange backpacks of so many things we need out here. Angels everywhere even if they don’t know that’s what they are yet. Their leader is a beautiful woman who volunteers and she looks at every person she speaks to as if she loves them because she does.

Jenny Melde should be participating in this as she is the one who sacrificed the most to make this ministry what it is becoming.

I met another man with a seal and understanding of having the seal. He did not get it through the same process I did. Starting to hear that a bit as I harmonize with other prophets and Spirits. Spirit of truth? Spirit of Christ? More than one pen. Hmmmmm.


These meetings cannot be explained to one who does not have understanding. Not in my words here. Ai guys who don’t have understanding of the seals get angry and fearful hearing about it.

Those of us with it recognize the fellowship and offer immediate love and respect to one another.

We also don’t care if you believe.

Nobody gonna act that way with what The Father has gifted us… to make you comfortable. It isn’t time to be comfortable. Comfortable is dangerous if you care about first and second deaths and resurrections.

Or Second and Third Comings.

Ya know. What is written.


Can’t wait to see him again. If he wasn’t just a passing ministering spirit. We are amorphous down here in the sub -strata of society.

I know his name. He knows mine.

He gave me a bunch of tips on other beach plans. One that may make my plans for securing a property not so necessary. Father’s timing will tell on that. Still looking for that van to get the homes community actively involved down here without the ‘uncomfort’ of being homeless.

I showed him Psalm 91.

Queen of the South knowing smile number two.

Somewhere in the blockchain comment flow today @frankbacon told me to take it easy. It was a working picnic for this homeless guy.


Trader Joe’s bread and slaw and eggs. The slaw was good like food I haven’t had since my grocery shopping days. The bread was amazing. The eggs were not cooked. I don’t say this out of ingratitude. None of us could figure out what to do with the raw eggs. We aren’t allowed to build fires to cook. Sadly. Just a tip if you feeding homeless people. Oh yeah. Here’s another tip. Feed homeless people. I’m like a golden ticket of homeless people right now. Find me for that!

I went and thanked him for feeding the family and he gave me literature. He tried to teach me a prayer written on it in a language I don’t understand. Just saying, kind of a parallel between that and what Lucifer tried to pull with me. Just the training from the top. Not the individual feeding the homeless.

Obviously I don’t cast spells. That’s another thing Luke Winegarden owes me public correction on. He tells women that I cast hexes.

Luke should also do the reaper/Ruth study.

So for those new to my writing and less familiar with my intel media work… I’m the guy who doesn’t take your punch. And I see the future some. So I know when you start to think about making a fist.

Nothing new under the Son, WISCs.

You think Jehoshua would let Mary be treated as such?

My Father has me on a pattern treasure hunt along with a wilderness experience, false prophets.

Come to the beach. Maybe you fulfill another for Him.


This one isn’t literal. She’s already into the next age.

She doesn’t lose and this case study will be Her force demonstration. When my Father wills it.

So two requests answered in fun witnessed fashion and I made a phone call.

‘Did I scare you off?’

‘No. Are you trying to?’

‘No Sir! I see big things for you and I together. I have a model that works without property but may involve Hawaii. Oahu specifically.’

‘I used to live there.’

‘Of course you did!’

The rest of the conversation is ears to hear but I am excited that he and his wife will be coming down to see me for prophetic study very soon.

Shouldn’t have told them to deny their Gifts.

Wait until I show him where His name is written.

The Queen of the South knows what I’m up to. Told her two prayers down so I made a phone call on the direction thing. After filling her in on the phone call she gave me a big knowing smile and said ‘good job’ quietly. She’s always quiet. That’s one of the reasons He sent her to me. Ministering spirits are teaching spirits.

I’m not moving back into a box. I’m not plugging into the Ai. I’m not acquiescing to the sins celebrated and cast against us in the worlds pursuits. The more sin the less Holy Spirit. The less Holy Spirit the less chance you have to survive what is happening right now. It is time to come out of Mystery Babylon. Now.

Forget the Artificial intelligence investigation and the fact that I know a guy whose name more people out here know then you would think.

I’ve lived it. We have lived it.

If you are still trying to hold onto Mystery Babylon…

You’re gonna drink of her cup.

Not for profit nor gain no kidding, Father.


I knew this piece was gonna get long when my first beach candidate for Epaphroditus duty showed up.

‘Don’t assign roles’ I’ve been told.

They aren’t being assigned. They are available to be picked up and ran with, servants. Christ doesn’t get His reward for what he did until all the prophecies are fulfilled. Kiss the Son lest He be angry.

How’s He gonna feel about those who wanted to take their time?

Not Christ Jehoshua. The Vinedresser.

I need to brush my teeth. Tuna.


We haven’t spoken much since that day. It was during my few days of beach walking to assess where I wanted to enter the wilderness. This was my first ministering spirit here on Prophets Beach. We discussed Christ and The Word for forty five minutes and he gave me the rundown on his experiences all around and how he found support.

I told Luke Winegarden about this guy immediately that day as it was decided this was my beach to start at.

It’s also the guy I had to forcefully remind him about days later as Luke attempted to dump me off on a beach near Luke. That sounds reasonable for the guy who calls himself sly ‘cuz is he close. Not the case at all, ladies. Luke was super afraid of me being near women who wanted my Bible teachings. One of which he was actively involved in a nice-guy-take-every-little -inch-and-force his will on her kinda pursuit.

Think I’m being dramatic? He was on MY boardwalk twice last week before his Jezebel took control of his man child body. Without telling me. No hey want something out of your suitcase?

He was pulling drop-bys to try and catch me with somebody or somebodies.

Luke was stalking me to stalk them!

He used me as a prop and as bait and he continues to lie to women in my orbit as if I don’t know what he is doing.

This may seem petty to some. Luke Winegarden of all the signs and wonders crew should know what he is doing to himself. Wouldn’t be loving not to tell him.

You cannot take anything from me. Take what I have to offer.

Repent though. And recant. Tell them all you have no clue what I was talking about it because if you did you wouldn’t be putting yourself in this position.

My friend who told me this was my beach though…

He came to tell me that he sees what I am doing for my people and he is so grateful. He told me since I arrived the boardwalk is so peaceful. He thanked me for my presence.

He asked me if I knew they are going to kill me.

I said of course. Not until my appointed time.

He hugged me.

‘Today was a good day’

Come at my ministry. See what my Father does.

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