Published My First Item To Amazon! - A Journal/Notebook Entitled - The Thoughts Of My Brain: Journal

in blurtlife •  5 months ago 

It's all lined paper inside except I added some backgrounds to it!! I never published anything to Amazon before so this was an experiment. It's just a simple 6x9 120 page composite notebook! Most of these types of notebooks are just plain paper and lines, I dazzled it up with some backgrounds as an experiment. Learning how to use the program to make book covers and interiors. I don't know how this will all turn if I ever sell anything but it was fun to make. I will try to make some more books, some still simple like this, some more complicated. Perhaps a couple puzzle books as well. Here is some of the interior.

I just wanted to make it interesting! Now that I've posted this I want to give it another try. I was glad it actually passed and got published. The only place I advertised it is on Pinterest. Not sure where else to show it. If someone has some suggestions you could tell me.

Here is the link to the book

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