Put Out My Second Blank Journal Book With A Nice Pinkish Back and Front Cover Called - The Story So Far... Journal Book

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I have been quite busy in the last few weeks, helping on a job so have been away from posting much. Now I have had some rest and getting some of my creative pizazz together again. My long time companion has come back from a winter vacation, so I'm pretty pumped to do a bunch of creative and fun stuff! I was glad I published a second blank journal book to Amazon!! like the cover and back on this one. This has a pink and black cover and pinkish pattern on the back so it could also be a diary. Next I am working on a Dream Journal! I like the cover of the next one and am excited to put that out. Next I will do a word search book. I want to just continue to have fun and put more out!!

The book is 5.06 x 0.33 x 7.81 inches with 130 blank ruled pages. This next week or so I'm hoping to put out some more gaming, music and perhaps art content out. Now that I have a few days relatively free I should be able to work on more books as well. It's making me think of actually writing something. Here is where you can find The Story So Far... Journal Book


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