The importance of zakat in Islam and its effect on social life.

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Hello friends,

Assalamu Alaikum how are you all I hope everyone is well and healthy in your prayers and by the infinite mercy of Allah I am also well I am Imran today I will share with you a very important thing that the importance of zakat according to our islamic sharia is the effect of social life. Clone friends enjoy my article.


Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. Zakat is a very important issue from the point of view of Islam. Islam has made it obligatory on the rich to pay Zakat. This zakat is such a provision that every rich person has a right over the wealth of the poor. In our society rich-poor inequality exists. Living below the poverty line, it is not proper for them to eat three meals a day.


Every Muslim is a brother to each other. So if you are a rich person, the Creator did not send us to earth just to survive on food because none of us came to earth just to eat and have fun. Of course we have some responsibility. It is the responsibility and duty of every Muslim to take care of them and help them.

Zakat is a provision by which a rich person distributes a portion of his wealth among the poor and needy 365 consecutive days each year because rich people build palaces of wealth because they can never understand how the poor really live their lives. Islam has made it a rule that those who have more wealth must distribute a portion of their wealth among the poor and needy according to Islamic law and help them so that the poor will not be deprived of food and clothing. He can also become self-sufficient by doing any business or other activities with the help of Zakat.
However, the method of paying Zakat in this country is different from 90% of Muslims in Bangladesh because the rich pay Zakat among the poor and they give it through their lungi sari. He can use that money to become self-sufficient and support his family. Zakat It is an Obligatory Rule of Prayer Fasting Hajj It is obligatory for every Muslim to pay Zakat like these, but those who are poor are not obliged to pay Zakat because they receive Zakat from the rich they will get it from them if a person does not pay Zakat. If he does, then after the death of the Creator, one must take him and account for his wealth because the wealth is a gift from the Creator.


So we also create a beautiful bond in the society through this zakat. Because when a rich person pays zakat to a poor person, a beautiful relationship is created between the two which reduces the distance between the poor and the rich person in the society that creates a beautiful bond and friendship. Therefore, every person should distribute a certain amount of his wealth among the poor as zakat so that it is possible to alleviate poverty and misery in the society and with zakat money a poor person can provide sustenance or food for his family and ensure food.

So friends who are blessed we must pay zakat because zakat is a fard provision fard the greatest blessing given by the creator of any rule is the same as denying it and severing one's relationship with islam so all fard rules we will follow according to islam and we are poor in society - I will extend a helping hand to the needy so that the poor and needy in the society can survive without eating.

So friends, so far today, everyone stay well, stay healthy, this is the expectation for everyone. God bless you.

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