Goat Cheese Anyone?

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You get to hear some wild stories while in the pen on how they ended up in there. Once you can set them on ease to discuss their case that it. Not many will go into detail. Most have repeated their side of the story so many times it really becomes a boredom of a topic to discuss it to some new guy in the block.

Heres a short tale of one of these individuals who was kind enough to share me his story. Name is witheld so I will use a new name for him.

Alias: The Goat Shepard

If you ever paid attention to the blackmarket drug industry, you will know how codenames are used for drugs instead of the actual name of he drug. For example, "Mota" is a spanish codeword for cannabis, despite it's definition being "small particles over a surface". And "Pot" is used for cannabis too even though we know that "pot" is just a container for goods usually for cooking, but can also refer to flower pots. In short it is just a container of sort for holding something in it. Nothing fancy about it.


Nowadays, and especially to a cannabis user, when you ask them for pot, it is automatically assumed your talking about Mota/reefer/ganja/gallo (cannabis). But what if your not a cannabis user. Or a cannabis producer or seller.

What if your just a regular joe minding his own business, living your dream with your own flower shop? What if you made your transactions over the phone and the DEA was listening in and heard you use the word Pot in your sale, then charge with the "crime" of selling marijuana?

Well you might say, well this will be an easy win, because I don't have any of ghat in my property and I am an honest business salesperson. Surely the misunderstanding will be set to your favor once they find that you sell real pots as a flower shop owner, right?


Understand this.


And this is what happened to our innocent Goat Shepherd. This hispanic individual lived in the usA for over 35 years and was 40ish when I met him in prison. He had worked his whole life as a goat farmer as his father before him. He had tried to do things "the right way" by obeying the "law" and got his "papers" in order. Had established a "Citizenship" there and all that fun legal work that comes with owning his business. He did things "by the book".

Then one day, a knock comes on his door early morning with DEA agents and Marshals outside his home ready to arrest him. He gave in to thwir commands willingly and although frustrated with what he thought was just a misunderstanding and would be fixed shortly, he was on a journey that will end up having his entire life turned upside down.

He went to trial, and was sentenced for 5 years in prison, a 5 million dollar bond, and a deportation order for when he got out of prison. Not only that, the "government " seized his entire 40 acre land and all his stuff on it that was under his "NAME" and he wouldn't ever see that stuff again all because his Citizenship has been revoked even after having no previous history with being jailed except for a couple minor traffic violations.

What was his charges?

Selling cocain apparently, but nothing of the sort was ever found on his property. So why stick with the sentence?

The judge he had, ruled in favor of the dea agent in charge because "he was the code expert". When our Shepherd made a call one day to sell "Chiva" over the phone, it was assumed to be the deadly drug cocain.

Our goat shepherd provided all the evidence he could to prove his innocence as his lawyer advised his family to do. Show up with all real transactions of real live goats (also known as chivos and chivas in spanish) being sold and bought, but none of hat really mattered because, the dea agent was "the expert" in drug codewords.

Despite the lack of evidence to support the claim the dea had against our shepherd made no difference to this judge. He was still sentenced to prison despite his innocence. His families wealth torn asunder all in the name of "justice" in today's world.


I heard many similar stories of cruel injustice happening across the board here. Some even broke into tears when they told me their story. It is very heartbreaking how so many people can have this happen to them and the sheeple on the street still have the audacity to believe in the system as being the fairest and most justified system. Untill it happens to them.

And it usually happens to people who are ignorant on how to defend themselves in court. Luckily for you however, you still have an opportunity to get to learn how to do that before it is too late.


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