Qot: Are we just a victim of circumstances? Good or bad?

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In the past I was drained by parasites in the times when one was too weak to even run away that it gave me terrible paralizing nightmares as a youngling. Decieved and forgotten. Casted away and torn about. The consistency of such ordeals may last many a lifetime to even be able to completely clear the water of all the trauma.

Don't misinterpret me however. I am not where I wish to be, but I am far better off than what I used to be. What I am to be is much greater than what I am now and it is what I strive for daily and reflect on at the end of the day.


Can you explain how this unverse is a reflection of our inner self? The good and the evil outside existing in one self aswell, as a potential you waiting to be harnessed?


That marvelous energy which helps create life that is extracted from your self, that is then thrusted into the next dimension for whatever reason, creates a new universe under constant construction.

It is this new infinite universe that shows up and present in this physical realm, only visible as a human being, that highlights how much potential you have within you.

And we majority of people have abused this power for selfish reasons.

Imagine then, what it could do for you, if you don't tarnish it away, but to heal thyself through positive sexual transmutation?

Not only will you gain clarity but your soul will increase in size for sure.
Your mind will be more sane after you confront the demons possesing over your life.
Each passing day that you spend keeping consistent with your ruitine of positive sexual transmutation, that positive force will increas, and will get the power you need to muddle through the excrement and parasites that is holding you down from escaping the matrix and accepting it as circumstance of events you had no choice in avoiding it from the near beginning. You will find more energy to move your day forward. You will be able to handle deep truths more often.

If you so come across anything that guides you to expunge your juice for selfish reasons, that is not positive sexual transmutation but negative. It doesn't matter how good it feels physically to use as a means to hide behind the traumas of your life and your bad habitual decisions.

It is my opinion that if it is not being used to create life or to self heal, then you are on the path to evil. For exploiting this energy for selfish needs other than what I have said above, will undoubtedly open the gates for evil to come in and attempt control of your self.

When you lose it, you are vulnerable and open to attack from the dark. It enters your soul and creates within you loathe when it enters your mind after it overcomes your heart with fear. It is a force that blows at your inner candle with the intentions to turn off the devine good light dormant within us all.


Are we immortal when we are dead? Or are we "dead man walking" for being mortal?


Wide awake in the urban dictionary.
A short poem by Chris Cornel, in part, click picture to see more.


They said this platform needed more shorts? I think they forgot their pants instead. Have a short study of kundalini energy study instead by Dr. Taylor


And also


Definitions of Sex

In the abstract, sex is the magnetic connections between opposing forces, from subatomic particles to planets. Sexual energy can be defined as universal energy, because all energy requires a polarity. ...

... The sexual act is the intimate physical, if not emotional, connection between man and woman. Sexual acts that do not have the possibility of procreation deviate from the core definition of sex and its esoteric potential. ...

In short:


Homosexuality is a symptom of negative dark forces. It is why it so endorsed in the satanic Holly|wood world. It is because of the fact that they want your children exposed to it 24/7, and why the LGBT movement is funded by the evil elitist directly and in subversive ways. It is this behaviour that is being pushed amongst the younger generations that has perverted our youth into believing it normal. Sex magic control is real and if you are not the one in control you are being controlled.

I am not sure what path is the correct one for you, but know this fact laid above and hereto, you die a little quicker everytime you orgasm and it should be recognized as a sin when used in black magic methods and not for procreation or self healing or attain a deeper connection with god.

Any "guide" or teacher or instructor that tries to tell you that the physical orgasm is perfectly fine to freeuse is not being honest with themselves and to you. Head some warning and restrain from temptation.

Sex is the gateway to eden. And its also the gateway to eternal suffering in hellish state of living.

The choice is yours which path to take.


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The serpent is not evil , evil is letting it control you .
Control the serpent , don't let it control you .

this unverse is a reflection of our inner self .
Don't keep it all inside .


✊rock on

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Personally, I'm far more Nietzsche-ian in my perspectives regarding the subject of sex, demons, and self loathing.

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Free Willy was a terrible movie in many ways , for most yes .
The way a innocent sea creature was pocked around to do tricks to show of as natural behavior .
Where i can imagine the perspective seen as a penguin on it , has a more inside view of it ,
being a sea creature and all to ,. like Willy , the killer wale .

You are lucky to be the penguin , as it is easier to force a whale to do tricks .

( wait a minute ,. why do i talk about fish ? ,..An who is Nietzsche ? )


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