Final Art For Massesect - Stretching Inculty Single. Available On Bandcamp

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I have a few more variations of the cover. I did make some glitched versions too...but the glitche program that I paid for in full now wants me to purchase it again! Doh!! Yea there are watermarks all over the pics now :(

It still let me write on the picture though. First it wanted me to re-buy the video portion of the the image part. I don't think I will re-new, perhaps I will contact to complain, it is a tick off.

Here is the song on band camp!

This is an experimental electronic track, added some glitch sounds throughout the song to make it interesting. Has an industrial kinda psychedelic feel. I wrote out lyrics and sang them. Then edited a bunch out. I am happy with how the track turned out, it's pumping me up to make some more noise!!

This is the link for when it gets released to Spotify

I have a few more electronic tracks I want to put out, thinking of making a few more to go with them. None have lyrics yet. I'm getting inspired for more with lyrics, hopefully add some guitars and other instruments too. I will see how it goes and post what I've got

Here are links to all my music


Links to Synthesis Underground instrumental project

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