I Used Some A.I. To Transform An Album Cover Into A Trippy Video. Plus Another With Alien Talking.

in blurtmusic •  3 months ago 

I've been cruising around the inter-webs finding various A.I. methods of making videos. I wanted to integrate my music into it. On one website called d-id.com I was able to make a weird alien talk about the music projects. On another site it took a picture of an album cover and transformed it into a trippy video sequence. I want to try that one again. The site is app.kaiber.ai. There is allot more I could do with it, the first video was good though

I was happy with this weird A.I. avatar I made at d-id.com. It is an unsettling alien that doesn't have eye lids yet is still able to sort of blink. Got it to talk about the Synthesis Underground and Massesect music projects. Trying to make it sound astounding and mysterious. Just trying to be weird with it.

These A.I. videos are inspiring me to make more content for them to make wild stuff out of. I like the idea of tweaking the psychedelic aspects of the A.I.'s

Here are links to the music projects




Links to Synthesis Underground instrumental project









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