New Song Worked On In The Last Couple Weeks - Synthesis Underground - Breakthrough Communique

in blurtmusic •  4 months ago 

Been a bit busy, still managed to make a new track! It is a bit darker sounding, dancy with some rock elements. I had some fun making this one. Allot of time it's in my spare time, on the ride to work, at the coffee shop, a bit before bed. I am still really feeling that need for musical self expression. I am hoping to keep in the groove and keep the music in a regular flow, I need this for my life. Here is the song!!

I'm working on reworking another track a bit as well as another I'm trying to add some lyrics too. I'm ready for these jams. Met my old singing teacher the other night, she just got her music production degree, also met another friend who makes electronic music. I'm looking forward to some future collaborations soon too!

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I'm glad to hear you've found an outlet for your creativity. This track has me nodding my head as I type this.