Some Art For Single Plus The Tune On Soundcloud - Stretching Inculty by Massesect

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I had been working on a song, added some effects, liked the groove so thought to add some lyrics to it! It's a kinda weird industrial-ish song. Thought it would be good to make some art for it for release as a single. Took a bit of a break from the electronic side, working on some guitar. Getting ready to get back in, wanted to release some of what I had to move on. I did not put out much music with voice to it in the last while so glad to put this out.

Here is the song

The art for the song above is what I think I will use for the final art! I will post the end result after I distribute the single further. I used a couple A.I. sites to make the art - and I will have to save some money to upgrade the picture quality but these are good enough for release. Here is some of the art experimentation done for the single idea

Some pretty wild out-there art! I love some of these results, yet again more art I could use for other projects. Each time I do this I make a collection. I should make sure to save these away somewhere. I am really looking forward to making more music!!! I have practiced some songs for open mic too. I am thinking of gearing towards playing some guitar covers to post. I haven't done that much here, I think it could be fun and help me keep in the groove.

Here are my music links


Links to Synthesis Underground instrumental project

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