Synthesis Underground - Stretching Inculty - New More Darkish Track

in blurtmusic •  5 months ago 

I put together some of the progression type samples to hear them out a bit. Came up with this track. Played a little keyboard to it. It is one I am considering adding/expanding. After the last song that was a sort of a techno song I wanted to make something else that had some of that coherence to it. May be another I could add lyric scheme too. The days have been fairly relaxed. I'm getting my stored energy up. Excited to make some more sound! I like the bit of a roll I'm feeling so far this year. I like some of the sounds in this song, some good practice.

I want to have fun with the roll! To delve into the sound realms further for awhile would be groovy! If I can get super pumped that is best, I like it when I get passionate, that's when the good lyrics and such comes

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