Awww, bless - World-travel-pro has lost his mask...Another witness reveals...It's getting ugly, folks!...

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This was @world-travel-pro's reply to this comment, in this post:

Painting a building up with pretty colors without any solid foundations is not a strategy, it's desperation to make something fundamentally fragile, look like something it's not.
Fix the foundations.

(the other part of the comment was jpegs showing him the recent inthematrix meltdown).

Funny how he never actually addressed a single point though ...hmmmm...Just had meltdown, instead...

CIMG4197 - Copy (2).JPG

The hilarious thing about this is that I was talking to Petra only few days ago - straight after after I'd made the spoof video with world-travel-pro, and she said:
'He's taken in good spirits, '... I replied "Yeah, he's seething - he'll explode in a day or two and mute me...
(I'll copy paste the transcript of the convo, when I speak to her, (i.e...if Petra agree's).

The precise same dynamic occurred in steem previously - none of this is 'my first rodeo', as they say...
I made a couple of spoof vids- with some soy boy who upvoted them- and then muted me!
(can't remember his account name - looked like a typical bearded liberal who obsessed over pizza and 'microbrews'...bless.

Actions and words, my friends, actions and words.

When the T-shirt doesn't say how the mouth behaves - You have a mask wearer.

And so the mask has slipped...Which we will delve into a little more.


I'm kinda concerned about him, tbh - I think the psychological pain of loss that he's feeling right now is affecting his perspectives....

Lets begin.

.....'lets counter punch with a smile', shall we?

ZXZX - Copy - Copy.jpg

No offense, but you have turned out to be an incredibly nasty, negative, and mean spirited person. A total disappointment. I would never have supported you for one minute all those months ago if I understood that your main thing is feeding on negativity and drama, while making fun of others relentlessly.

This is interesting, because - only view days ago - he actually invited me to take the piss outta him, saying 'he could handle it'... Maybe he didn't know himself quite as well as he thought - or he was playing politics for the image ...Hmmmmm

....this is where I see his lack of an accurate perception of the world (delusion), coming in...

Being an optimist (me), allows you to see the good the bad, and the very ugly- and still keep chipper.
Keep smiling, looking for the positives in everything.
That's me.

If you're living in a delusional reality, however - your foundations are non existent - it's fragile.

So when someone (me), says "this is pile of shite"( because I'm looking at a pile of shite) - it doesn't alter my mood- I'm still the optimist.
If, however, someone is looking at a pile of shite, insisting that it's pile of gold (wtp in this case), and that _delusion is broken with the words of an _optimistic Penguin _ - the psychological pain incurred is quite something.
The delusion had been ripped apart.
I'm still the happy Penguin, sitting very happily in reality.

He's become the anger, hate filled individual - and one who now blames the Penguin for ripping his delusions to pieces.
He doesn't really hate the Penguin - at all .....
No, he hates himself for what what the Penguin has revealed about himself , both to himself - and to others ... (projection)

So, what wtp perceives of me as 'feeding on negativity' , is me calling things as they are without the fauxmess that toxic positivity creates. (delusional reality).

...Now he really spirals down....

ZXZX - Copy - Copy.jpg

Seems pretty clear why you are your age without a pot to piss in other than your earnings from this platform, which is frankly scary to imagine.

Bless... His perception of me (and what he thinks of as 'being pretty clear' to him )...Is fascinating.
He equates wealth and success to money and material possessions. (to me this would define his outlook as being that of as a true peasant - living in word of fear and scarcity).

The fact that he thinks my reality is scary - tells you far more about his privilege that anything it says about myself.

Imagine being scared of not having money or material possessions ?...
Just how weak of a person is it, that has that kind of fear ?...'s someone who's never had much adversity or hardship in their lives, that's for sure.

I've had lots of adversity, and while all those experiences led to making me stronger - and more optimistic,
decadence and easy living only makes you weak.
Physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

ZXZX - Copy - Copy.jpg

Look in the mirror, take a good look at your life, and think about why you can only afford eggs to eat as a westerner in one of the most affordable countries in the world.

Yeah, I think he's really struggling now.
I'm the happiest person I know.
I don't need sirloin steak to make me happier, to validate me as a human being.
Notice the constant referral money and materialism as the marker....Very interesting.... Very telling.

ZXZX - Copy - Copy.jpg

Your attitude sucks and so do you.

To someone who is delusional and is in pain from seeing his delusional walls crack wider and wider, apart - the optimistic realist would be seen as having a 'bad attitude'....It only increases the speed of the cracks opening up in the wall of the delusion.

ZXZX - Copy - Copy.jpg

I'll be ignoring you for now on. Cause you add nothing.....but negativity, sliced and diced with a whole lot of your know it all arrogance.

Bless...I wonder if he's envious of me?
...he 'senses my inner wealth' - true wealth - and it's something that he cant grasp for himself - at least not while holding onto delusions at the same time ?..
I dunno - but I hope so...I still have faith in him for some reason..

ZXZX - Copy - Copy.jpg

Good luck Lucy Lin,

(I don't think he really means that, does he?

ZXZX - Copy - Copy.jpg

it will be interesting to watch you burn down the last of your bridges. I just hope suicide is not an option when you are down to your very last penny, cause it seems like that is the direction you are going.

Again, the reference to material wealth - and it being something suicidal over?
...Seriously...Who the fuck would be suicidal about having no wealth ?

....Well, the spoiled, soft, and the decadent might do - I suppose... I dunno - it's beyond my comprehension and something that I've never thought about - but obviously wtp has- or he couldn't have said it.

I hope he's ok - truly.
He doesn't strike me as bad person, just a bit of a juvenile moron with too much money and not enough life experiences.
I hope he's not projecting his own feelings onto me.
It's not a secret about his financial loss with Blurt - it's ONLY fucking money, matey!!!
(I don't mind the projection part - it affects me not at all - but I'm talking about wtp here, and him being ok....)

ZXZX - Copy - Copy.jpg

Not to be so dark but I've already watched you commit a slow suicide of your reputation and likability here on Blurt, it was totally retarded, unnecessary, and self sabotaging. Now my final words to you....go fuck yourself.

The suicide thing comes up again - Which is worrying....(if you wanna talk matey, I'm here - even though I'm sure I'm the last person you wanna talk to right now - it doesn't change the reality that I'm here for you.)

As for the rest of that paragraph - I only see the importance for wtp to be liked, and to be approved of.

My guiding compass it truths and free speech - not peer approval and $'s.
.....It would only be 'self sabotaging if looking through the prism of 'looking for approval'.
We are very different.
(but I DO remember being just like that - so I do get, but doesn't make you less of an idiot.)

ZXZX - Copy - Copy.jpg

Now my final words to you....go fuck yourself.

Bless...(I'll take that as him not wanting to get on board with my new website project, then ?

Oh, and just for the record- wtp - you're still invited, anyways - 'cos I still like you.

You just need to grow up and lose your privileged decadence, a bit ...

penguin 2.gif
...if you need a hug...

Peace, matey...

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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

well to me you are both right and wrong at the same time.

@world-travel-pro reminds me of @deepsearch from hive with its approach to the world. A person from the Polish community who, with his posts and comments, created himself as a spiritual person open to innovation and thinking positively, and trying to show others that everything can go in the right direction. This is good but as @lucylin says it is a kind of life of delusion. My contacts with @deepsearch ended very stormy with my recent post on Hive criticizing hivwewathers downvotes and all the hive for what downvoting this place became. He has vowed to downvote everything I post just because I criticized what I personally affect on hive and pointed out that I am withdrawing all support for this platform because I believe that downvoting hive is a scam and it destroys accounts of people who think otherwise. He, in turn, fanatically believed in hive and did not want to admit the possibility that something with this blockchain and the people who ruled it might be wrong. He saw only the positives and treated everyone who tried to show the other side of the coin as an enemy. The mask of his "soulfulness" and "openness" has fallen, showing the concealed frustration that instead of going in the direction of success, he collapses.

I see a similar attitude in your exchange of views.

On the other hand, @lucylin reminds me of years ago. I also lived trying to avoid the system in all possible ways for a few Polish zlotys a day. I traveled around Europe hitchhiking, sleeping in a tent and with people who honored me with their hospitality. I lived a minimalist life and I thought it was ok. However, after many years, when with my travel companion we had offspring and were forced to stabilize not for ourselves but for him, these illusions also subsided. I realized that for 10 years of my adventures I was running away from accepting the fact that the resources that enable me to survive are only the result of scraps thrown by the system, and I did not run away from it in this way. I was riding on the wave of friendliness and opportunities provided by other people's money. I also kept telling myself that eating whatever I can and an extremely minimalist approach to life gives me happiness. I denied the fact that all the tragedies, the arguments and the frustration that I also poured out partly on the internet, was the reason why I was actually cheating on this aspect.

In my opinion, we all live in our illusions, but that doesn't mean it's also wrong because I don't regret a moment from the past. I needed this path to understand some things and prepare for others.

@Lucylin teases @ word-travel-pro his optimism and the ability to create some positive illusions because he has lost himself in the extreme realism and brutalism of reality. Although a sober and brutal look at things is a very important skill, without a hint of optimism and faith, unfortunately it often ends with snarkness and frustration, as well as losing faith in anything, which, as I know from my own experience, causes me to lose myself in a vicious circle.

Hence word-travel-pro's comments about suicide seem to be accurate to him because he is a bit scared by the life @lucylin chose. In my opinion, however, they are not right because in my experience people living in extreme realism are usually tough because the life they lead is their own choice. Rather, the problem is that over time this choice turns into a vicious circle that was easy to enter but difficult to get out even when it starts to hurt. Hence the frustration and anger. Blurt disappointed us all, but for most it was just an additional source of income and another alternative. For lucylins, it was one of the few opportunities to obtain funds outside the system from which he fled. he put everything on one card and this one turned out to be lame and hence the frustration which in my opinion is very accurate on the one hand, that's why I always support his profile, but on the other hand, it feels like a kilometer with too much commitment and weaving personal failures where they shouldn't be .

In turn @ word-travel-pro is irritated by this sober but also very arrogant and totalistic look of @lucylin, devoid of any aspects of positive attitude, which are still needed to achieve success. However, in excess, they turn into fanaticism and, paradoxically, they can lead to losing oneself in such an illusion that when the masks fall, it is such people who most often resort to the final methods, i.e. suicide. Which you blame @lucylin.
Blurt is a failure created by greedy hyenas. At the moment, the chances that this platform will be saved are slim and each of us is a victim of a scam. You have to tell yourself this clearly and stop deceiving yourself otherwise. @lucylin is right. The chances of this being changed is maybe 10%, which does not change the fact that with a lot of good will on the part of all of us, but also hard work and difficult decisions, it can be successful.

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Nailed it!

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Oh wow using the 'as above so below' philosophy what if this is just a microcosm of the bigger picture and this kinda stuff is going on out there in the big world outside! Doesn't bare thinking about but I just did.

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Doesn't bare thinking about but I just did.

Excellent .
If your 'as above...' hypothesis is accurate - it means those wearing the masks are soon gonna have no credibility, and a massively reduced influence - and so the adults in the room can then start to get things sorted !
..It's all good!..

(I'll pass on your words to Petra, btw - but she does read some blurt stuff still, occasionally - But finds it too toxic an atmosphere to immerse herself in. Who can blame her?...It's becoming a fuckin' cesspit of low iq, emotionally led, reactionary morons..).

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Two months ago i was powering down , needed the cash to buy firewood to get myself true the winter . I didn't think the price would go up or anywhere . And those blurts being about 1/3 of my total wealth in liquid assets
( i am stateless , have no bank account ,.. i live really ,.. out of the system (matrix) . )
, i just need about 10 euro's a day to get going , living my happy and free life .
Ho' , and i need firewood , for the cold long winter to come ,.. witch my landlord is selling
( yes you can say Liberstad is kind of a landlord system ,.. like i choose my tribe , for going solo is for people less my age , @movingman for example , great dude , and really out of the matrix ) .
The landowner is a good man ,.. holding up a fair system , witch could provide me in all i needed for long . Sell high buy low ,.. works true everything , and as Liberstad has all the time ,.. there is no need to spill money on expensive diesel and power , so not much work going on in town this year .
Lucky to have made friends , and true it i found some work at a truck scrapyard workplace ,. doing welding and constructing ,.. back to my 20ths , when i was a full pro truck welder constructor .

Anyways ,.. i got permission to gather my own firewood from fallen trees , branches and left small trees from last years logging sites . Chopping wood will keep me warm and beats watching blurt coins burn , and the network right with it .

Fuck you Blurt ,.. the mask has fallen ,.. it won't end well .
So much hypocrisy , so much blindness , so much greed .
Suicidal manics are running this place ,.. down the drain .
Ill keep my coins ,.. stash them with POB and YVB ,.. just for the memory ,.. of my own failing , my own greed , my mistakes that learned me ,. DPOS , delegations and community's make a shitty dictatorship in the end . And if you dare to question expose mock and ridicule that ,.. well we know now . ;-)

Posted from'll ALWAYS be welcome on my site, matey- good things await, hopefully.
.... and you know that you're in for any profit share as well, once my bowl of rice is filled...
(12-$15 dollar a day is all that I need).

You'll never be shortchanged while I'm in charge of it - and I will always be in charge of it. Full stop.

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I remember how you shared your trade profits among your upvoters .
A fun experience at least , and how the hypocrites accused you of vote buying , LOL !

Thanks m8 , ill be around ,. check out your site and stuff
. , make some funny cartoons when i feel the need , ..
but now ,. i have to start chopping some wood ,. good day , stay free .

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Your personality and attitude sucks. I don't like it. You communicate in the most antagonistic way. Professional button pusher, that is all you are. It's as simple as that.

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He didn't lose his mask... He never had one! He simply called you out for being that POS that you are... LIVE WITH IT

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....people are really 'losing their shit' in this place, matey...How revealing....

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And they still get paid...


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yup - the age old problem of socialist systems rewarding relationships, (nepotism), and not talent, merit, and hard work...Oh well...

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OK this is getting weird - my two favourite bloggers on Blurt are having a bitch slapping contest...

My picks - @lucylin will win this in terms of logic, facts, and reason, but it won't mean much in the long run...

@wtp will win in terms of popularity but that probably won't mean much either...

I was saying Michael Robinson was a dude a decade ago but it didn't really take off back then...


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Hahahaha.... You are funny! Always the best sense of

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....for me, it's nothing more than this....

for wtp , I think its more like this...


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It's more like I have way better things to do with my time...I don't get off on this kind of interaction like you do.

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Your impotence with me, is not my problem - but it really is a big one for you - Growing up is a good start...
....and you'll also be giving your friends a very bad image and a much reduced credibility on here ( by association...).
You're embarrassing yourself.

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You're embarrassing yourself.

That is old boring 💩 ... You got something new?


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