Crypto currency and blogging - A tale of two failures.

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When I joined steem all those years ago, I was filled with the same enthusiasm as everyone else.

A place to speak your truths, uncensored - and getting paid to do it all the same time.

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That was five years ago.

As I learned more about the systems in place, and how they were operating, it soon became glaringly apparent that there were two competing - non symbiotic elements - operating in the same sphere.

Crypto currency and blogging.

While these two parts may seem to be not competing with each other (at first glance), it soon became apparent that the personal ideologies (not business orientated) were combined with the stake weighted system of 'upvoting' in a DPoS system - they are NOT in alignment.

As things evolved over time, the cracks started to appear (and these fissures are widening by the hour)...

Nepotism reared is very ugly - and economically self destructive - head.

Favoritism of 'personality' over content of posts - is a guaranteed path to reducing the quality of the posts themselves.
And thus, the platform.

Why bother putting the effort into a well crafted piece of content when you know that 'the powers that be' are ideologically polar opposites to your own perspective - and will downvote you - or use mechanism outside of the upvoting system such as witness collusion, and 'favors' - to try and minimize the success that you have as an independent content creator?

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There are two types.
The 'long term growth' type of investor, and 'the opportunist' investor.

If you're looking for sustained growth and added value, obviously the long term investor is preferred.
That's not to say the opportunist investor is to be shunned- far from it - they still come to market, they increase volume, and they raise awareness.

You attract investors (of either persuasion), with the promise of an increased value in the product.

In terms of Blurt, this means an increase in the Blurt token price.

That being the case, and the blogging platform being shop front to drive token price up - what is it - actually - that Blurt is offering to potential investors?

Quality content ?..Hardly.

Over the 5 years I've been posting pretty much every day. I have seen the quality of posts, the amount of interactions, and the overall feel of steem, then hive, and now blurt - reduce.

The pattern replicates itself - it doesn't change.

Systemic problem perhaps ? know..just maybe?
...just sayin'...

DPoS as system of governance - is a flawed model. A failed model.

Tell me....
WHAT would any investor - looking at blurt with fresh eyes and wallet full of cash - see in Blurt as being.... an attractive proposition?

The quality of leadership and the decisions they've made to grow the platform?....

... Yeah...right.


The quality of content ?

...Original, funny, creative, interesting and intelligent articles that will drive eyes towards the platform and keep them here once visited?...

....You're either taking the piss, or have the brain of a retarded amoeba if you even try to argue that one.

What's left?...

What other 'product' is there?

As time progresses and I see more and more of the DPoS system in operation - it stinks.
And I mean sewer levels of stench.

It's a corrupt system, designed by ideologically driven, socially unskilled, greedy 'Orcs'.

(Tolkien knew what he was on about in relation to seeing the combination of greed, stupidity, and thirst for power being the road to hell).


('crypto valuation' itself being a separate topic - and after 5 years - I'm increasingly cynical of).

...You have to offer an attractive product to 'piggy back' off - for an increased token value.

'Blogging' in the case of Blurt.

WHERE do YOU see the value in this product, if this is the case ?

While the daily records of a poor suffering insomniac with a bad diet may be fascinating to some - I can assure that the other 99.99999% of the world do not find it remotely interesting.

And it's an interest in the content , that will get the attention, the users - the investors....


Don't do that?... You have jack shit !
...just another one (of 2000) crypto token producers who are trying to cash in using 'the greater fool' theory.

fs - Copy (3) - Copy.JPG
....if you don't get your act together - and shaprish....

@world-travel-pro said something really funny in part of his response to one of my light hearted and well received* piss taking posts, yesterday.

...a big shout out (and kudos to him), for taking it in the spirit that it was meant - it shows the sign of maturity in someone so young...Something sadly lacking in the 'the leaders' of this current shit show...
Just wait till he hits forty and all his naivety and gullibility has been stripped away by real life experiences - he might become a force to be reckoned with...(imo)...I hope so.

*A fuller reply to WTP's replies might be coming later - but one not quite so optimistic - but of value.
He's one of the few people that I have time for in 'the higher echelons' of blurt.
(He reminds me of me - before I grew up, so how could I not?

....the funny part I'm mentioning now, is in this paragraph....

You were financially hurting all of us and the platform, that is how I saw it. But maybe you didnt care, maybe you just overlooked that, or maybe that was your watch how low in dollar amount everyone s wallets got as you started to promote your own new business in direct competition.

What's funny about that ? may be asking...

This part....

' watch how low in dollar amount everyone s wallets got as you started to promote your own new business in direct competition'.

Just for the record...
I/We've been pretty much living on rice and fried eggs everyday for the last 4 months as the price tanked.
So please, anyone talking to me about 'the pain of the reduced value of their investment portfolios' can go fuck themselves with your full bellied whining...
I ain't complaining - I've used the situation to my advantage.
I'm stronger because of it - not weaker.
See the difference ?
No whining, no 'poor me', no victim mentality.

....that's not the funny part - that was simply to point out to others, so that people realize that any material privileges and lifestyle luxuries that you may have - or desire to have - come secondary to me speaking my truths - and even to my own rumbling belly...
Capiche ?

The funny part, is this...

"as you started to promote your own new business in direct competition..."

Leaving aside the commie overtones of competition somehow being a bad thing for a minute..(wtf !... really ?) .... it's the 'direct' part that really cracked me up...

IMAG0004 (3).JPG

To paraphrase -and butcher- a line or two 'in the life of Brian':

"....Ok, apart from @lucylin's website not being a blogging platform, and apart from the fact that it isn't DPoS governance in any way, and apart from crypto currency being a minor element of it, and apart from @lucylin's website only containing quality articles that are intelligent , funny, interesting and full of thought provoking content that will appeal to people with a sense of humor and a brain_...apart from that.....'s just the same as Blurt!

That....was funny...

121 - Copy - Copy (2).jpg

It's not case of my new site being 'in direct competition' with blurt - it's more case of:




On the upside - and with a tip to the hat in the direction of @world-travel-pro ... (after giving me 100% upvotes on a couple of my posts).....His 'investment upvote' goes towards a sharing out of the profits that are generated from my website.
A 'no risk, win-win bet', as it were...

This means that WTP is now also part of the profit sharing enterprise in my new endeavor.

So well done, and welcome aboard , matey.

...Onto the good ship; 'non greedy capitalism - as it should be..'

*As a side note: I think WTP could be great addition to promoting the new website- so WTP - email me if you wanna discuss it further.
I see you as someone with great potential.

It's great to be on a winning team - and you strike me as a winner....(ok, a little naive,gullible and wet behind the ears, but we can fix that ! lol).

'Money created from nothing' (crypto) and then continually inflated + Ideologically driven agendas + greed + stupidity = Failure.

Welcome to Blurt.

pkr 9june 30 days - Copy (2).jpg

I didn't make the economic realities of natural law - I just play by their rules..

.....anything else is just an exercise in delusion...

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I'm starting to dread looking in my blurt wallet these days. Not long ago I was worth 1.5K now look. I just keep thinking it can't go any lower but it does.


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Steemit in 2016 was great...but all my fav bloggers were hounded off the platform, and it ended up as a Korean shitpost site. Then same on Hive, and now Blurt seems to want to do it too.

I still suspect a bunch of CIA contractors are pulling the strings.

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I’m still on steemit it’s a bit boring but getting some upvotes again lol it’s pretty free most of all ironically as it’s been kind of deserted lol

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I think the CIA have given up on it and are focussed on newer platforms now

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Steemit is the least problematic of all of them never any drama or dictators there ironically

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I agree hahah it rly feels like an abandoned platform that is genuinely what it was designed to do now lol guess just needs ppl to go there. Having said that if enough go then the CIA will jump back in 🤣

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Who are the CIA?