How to be a decent human being, even if you're a Limbictard

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I asked this question in my post on the hypothesis of the 'limbictard'.

'Is it even possible to evolve from parasitical limbictardation, to being a fully functioning, human being?'

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I think the answer is 'yes' - but conditional upon some defined parameters.
These parameters being:

A developing Self awareness + acceptance + a healthily developed ego. (not malformed)
A relatively stress free environment, to enable the evolution.

Self awareness + acceptance in terms of the limbictard, would mean being content in the full knowledge of their own limitations.

Accepting and being content in the fact that they're not, and never will be - a brain surgeon for example.

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This has nothing to do with self improvement and striving - but a recognition of oneself.

With the acceptance and understanding of the self, comes a sense of humor.
If you can't laugh at yourself, you can't do jack shit in life - nothing that's in any way, worthwhile.

If you can't find life funny - and that starts with finding yourself funny - Then your're destined to chase a happiness that you know exists - you can sense it, and you can see it in others - but it will never be attainable.

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This perceived un- attainability of joy, often creates extreme negative feelings towards these individuals who express happiness - It's both a coping mechanism and an avoidance technique.
(facing hard truths, requires courage ).


It can only cause offense if something within yourself , has been emotionally triggered, touched by the reading of the arrangement of eleven letter of the alphabet.
If this fact presented above, doesn't have more validity to you than your emotional state - then you might just be an limbictard who's lacking in self awareness in this regard.

A limbictard without self any awareness (+ acceptance) - is barely above the evolutionary stage of a monkey - an ugly human automaton, for all intents and purposes

A limbictard with self any awareness (+ acceptance) - is a funny, and beautiful, human being.

I would know.

Lucy, my girlfriend - would come under the heading of being ' a limbictard '.

Yet she's beautiful, and funny, and interesting...

(and right twat, you might say !

She has self awareness and accepts fully WHO she is.
She knows what's she good at.
(waaaaaaaay more talented than myself, in a million different ways)
She also knows what she's not good at - AND SHE DOESN'T PRETEND TO BE GOOD AT THEM.
She accepts herself.

So, my little angst ridden, perpetually stressed, and unfunny limbictards - you to, can be just like Luce.

Happy, funny, and...(an alien concept)....relaxed.

You just need to find the courage to be you - which is not easy for people who have spent years building up a facade, one that's based on the fear of not being approved of by your peers.
Of being seen for who you are - I get it.
....nothing worthwhile in life is easy.

So when you see yourself as being 'attacked' - laughed at for example - just realize that the visceral hate that you feel (the reptilian response under threat) - the 'help, I'm a victim, I'm a victim', I must get nasty to defend my uber fragile, self of sense'...


It's YOU - and no one else - that's saying - no, SHOUTING - to the world - ' I'm an ego driven automaton, and I feel ugly. Please don't look at the real me'.

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It's really difficult for those people who do not live in such a perpetual hell to really comprehend that existence.
Especially when you know that the prizes of fun, laughter, joy, and feeling content is stood right there in front of you and there for the taking.

It must really suck to be so cowardly that you'd prefer to live in hell, over the readily available alternative.
It must really suck to be so cowardly that you see keeping the status quo of insecurity, worry, and living in a state of perpetual stress, as the preferred option...

I don't really do pity, or self pity (the most cancerous of all human emotions).....but my god, if I was to - the limbictarded automaton would up there for being worthy of it.
But that ain't gonna happen.

No, rather than feeling pity (thus feeding the victim mentality), I'd much prefer to take a pro-active approach.
I try to cause a crack in that fragile ego, by mocking the fuck out of 'em.

This approach has two advantages.
Some limbictards are never gonna evolve past their reptilian driven state.
The truly lost souls, as it were. It's just the way it is, unfortunately.

I'm trying to find those limbictards where there's glimmer of courage - a bravery that just needs nudging in the right direction.
Mocking, laughter, and taking the piss is my strategy from separating the wheat from 'the forever lost soul', chaff.

It keeps me sane.
Swimming around in the putrid corrupted minds of the non self aware limbictard, is a vile place to be - but hey, I like to help those that want help - and keeping a sense of humor allows me to do that.

(So fuck all the parasitic limbictard control freaks, who want a world that's gray, dull, and decaying.
The chaff will always be the chaff, but finding the lost wheat and helping them out of the cesspit is a most worthy endeavor).

Have a truly great day everyone!

A strange concept for the limbictard, but they DO try mimic this state, bless....normally by racing after moooooar power, or moooar money - (or any other multitude of very low value pursuits).

I now have an urgent appointment...

...with some newly delivered soil and a massive heap of cow shit ! (but strangely, it smells so much nicer than the toxic words that come out of the unaware, limbictards, mouth...)

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