I want WOMEN !...lots and lots of women – Especially from Africa or Asia - you can never have enough….

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Here’s a sample of the kind of women that I’m looking for.

blurty - Copy (2) - Copy.JPG

...And here’s another sample of the kind women that I’m looking for.


You didn’t really think that I was looking members of the opposite sex, did you ?...lol....(I’m not an incel, human trafficker, or sex predator).

But… before I tell you about the WOMEN that I’m looking for, let me give a very quick – and VERY BIG, shout out…..

To all the people that have emailed me, showing your support – and to those that have come forward to financially offer support in this new project.

I’m both truly, truly humbled, honored - and very pleasantly surprised by the response that I’ve received so far.
We’re now (already !) 'good to go'… and I look forward to working like hell to try and help make every one richer from this endeavor !
...Happy days.

I’ll still try to post here every day to keep you updated (and to have a laugh at idiocy- of course).

Ok.... let’s get back to looking for lots of women….


W ord
O f
M outh
E ntrepreneurial
N etworkers.

This is something I have some experience in.
I used email lists to keep my beach resort business at full capacity for three years, because it was an excellent establishment ,with top quality restaurant, and fun staff- with a fantastic atmosphere.
The product sold itself.
I aim to my my website with the same goals.

Word of mouth recommendation - works .

Social media platforms are the new space to make these relationships - thus leading to directing people to websites .
Then you need the right product once directed there
I'm gonna be trying my damned hardest to provide just that.

I care not, what gender you are – I care about your work ethic.

I care not, if you agree with my perspectives or not – I care about you wanting to make money for yourself.

What’s your motivation for blogging on a crypto social media blogging site?
The pleasure of blogging and interaction?
Investing in crypto currencies?

At the current prices of Blurt - $10 is around – 2,300 blurt tokens.(?)...

Looking over accounts - ones that are recognizably from Asia or Africa - the earnings are pretty poor - with many people only making $10 or 15 dollars a month - or less...
( this matters if making money is your motivation for blogging - and not just for the pleasure of blogging itself.)

That’s a hell of lot of work -and time, every day - for very little reward, don’t ya think ?

What would you say if I told you that there’s a way that has a much higher earning potential?
....as opposed to socialist constructs that is all DPoS systems are - Systems that only encourage mediocrity and blandness if you ever gonna 'succeed' ?...
(Blurt, steem and hive, anyone?).

What would you say if I told you that not only do you get paid for your work, you get a passive income from ALL of your previous successes?

...potentially a very real income for years to come, giving you an opportunity to build on your success and be part of something real.

No ‘seven day payout’– then nothing ever again for your efforts.
No onto 'the treadmill' producing content again, and again - for the next seven day cycle...

snap (3) - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg

Are you a genuine 'go getter' ?

A real entrepreneur?

(not a socialist parasite who’s looking to profit off the work of others)

Would you prefer to make your own money, create passive income, and get the rewards based on your own talent?

If you’re answering ‘yes’ – but have no idea what to do next – follow this account for upcoming details.

*Free training and tuition will be available - to give you the tools that you’ll need to get yourself started.
(I’ll teach you how to fish – then you go and catch the fish for yourself).

We’re looking at a time frame of around 4 weeks before fully up and operational - and ‘good to go’.

daily patriot - Copy (6) - Copy.jpg

A quick outline of potential earnings....
1 sale - a month’s subscription = $2.50 commission - (payable in crypto).

Month 2 – if the subscriber continues - $2 commission for that same customer.
(Passive income).

Month 3 ( +) - and if the subscriber continues... $1 commission for that same customer.

For as long as the subscriber supports the site - _you get paid for his continued patronage...

e.g ....if you have 100 subscribers - and after the higher payout commissions of the first two months ($2.50 + $2 = $4.50)
...Your earnings then become $100 a month, passive income. (+ $450 for those first 2 months commissions)...

daily patriot - Copy (6) - Copy.jpg

PLUS - As a ‘hot woman’ of the project - you’ll also be eligible for extra income from other sources that will be on the website.

Products - such as our upcoming, online shop:
Asian fashions - Eastern styles, for western tastes…
Merchandise, (T-shirts, mugs, blah blah.)..+ a share of affiliate commission, etc.

Non greedy capitalism.

Email us on:
[email protected] ...if you’re interested.
(please put ‘WOMEN’ and account name in the title).

Wait !... there’s more…

Are you an enthusiastic wannabe you tuber,?...with a fun personality, and would like to be the face of a news/ current affairs news show ?
(think 'JP awakens' kind of style).

You provide the on-camera, bubbly, fun personality and presence - and we provide the material/content. …(initially looking at around 2x presentations per week).

Email us on:
[email protected]
(please put ‘video audition’ in the title).

IMAG0520 - Copy - Copy.JPG


A list my followers and upvoters on Blurt - who I feel I owe a debt of gratitude to...

(many all the way back from the steem and hive days)...

These reprobates, degenerates and very independently minded, sovereign people will be – automatically , eligible for some ‘profit share’ of the new site.
Loyalty is a virtue – it matters.

....This will be based on my prior historical relationships, and support..(And for whatever reason)..
@frot @sift666
@mariuszkarowski @mmmmkkkk311

(edit no.1 .....bugger)..
edit no.2 ..bugger

Anyone who feels that I’ve missed them out unfairly - email me….
You’re probably right !..lol..( apologies in advance).

Want be part of the new site ?....

Now’s your opportunity.

For every 100% upvote on blurt (this does not include those on the above list).... will mean a chance to be part of ‘the team’…
Based on any 100% upvotes from any blurt account, from 9/9/2022, until…..(to be decided).


More details to follow....
....As yet - I haven’t got a clue how I’m gonna do it....(just yet)….
_But.... it will be ‘just and fair’ .... THAT, I guarantee _.

Reblurt this post to all your friends and contacts.

.... especially to those in ‘lower economy’ countries in Africa and Asia - this could be a real opportunity for the right people with the right mindset.


Inserted this photo to see - test - if this now makes my post 'nsfw' on blurt.blog...lolol...

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well talk about synchronicity, I was just talking to some high up in GNM as I want to do an article on it, now is the moment, and I was telling her that we need to use 'word of mouth' too. Very exciting to be included in your venture. I look forward to it. No I'm not offering to be your hottie frontwoman, my hottie days are over unless ur a silver surfer, I could be their hottie.

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Stopped reading here

What would you say if I told you that not only do you get paid for your work, you get a passive income from ALL of your previous successes?

Another MLM is born.
Whatever happened with "not gonna read any comments" promise in your "apology" post? Lolol reminiscent of the "wait and see" when you reeed against the informationwar group on hive, fun times, and like you broke your word then, and who knows how many times before and since, I have no doubt it'll be another reoccurrence now and in the future.

BTW, when you have to disclose that you're not a human trafficker, and you seem interested in overseas labor prospects, what happened pimp, run out of people to burn over there?

I remember you made tall promises you never kept before, a lot like this.😂


More blast from the past, nothing has changed..


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More blast from the past, nothing has changed..

That was a blast from the past, and indeed not much has changed.


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Coming from the likes of you, its a compliment, and considering what kind of personage I'm "stalking" its like designating me a dragon slaying motherfucker, so thank you. Now hurry back to your repertoire of ass sucking the pimp who feels that he needs to dispel any notions that he's a scumbag predator.

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Feeling butt hurt again....I need to cry now...

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Spare us all the bullshit.

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who is "us" - are there other people is this room? do they speak to you?


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Are you befuddled by pronouns, exactly like the gendernazi?

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Guess so...

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These reprobates, degenerates and very independently minded, sovereign people.

I represent this comment 🤣

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How dare you sire, I resemble that comment, not you, you cannot steal it lol.

That's all good I represent and you resemble 😉

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I know feel the need to reproach......

OK, I think I get this, you want me to be a hot woman to promote your site and you will pay me heaps in cryptos - I'm ready to go!


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You had to do it did you not? A man in a frock, I think you really do dress up at night in your wives knickers and bra.

And then I get asked stuff like this:

I was wondering if you could refine your list between male gays and males who might be female. I’m having a hard time distinguishing between them.

I was also wondering if you can update your list. Do you get tips? There are a few I’m trying to figure out if theyre Tranny:

  • Housewives (Beverly Hills, New Jersey such as Teresa)
  • Sharon Osbourne?
  • Her daughter Kelly?
  • Kloe Kardashian?
  • Rob Kardashian, Jack Osbourne and Matt Leblonc girls? face is very oval without the square jawline and their fat shape looks feminine but idk. they may have square chin implants. Jack has MS which many women do.
  • Kris Jenner?
  • Hillary Clinton?
  • Maria Shriver?
  • Jennifer Gates?

There are many more I am suspicious of. I am also having a hard time distinguishing men who are really women.


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No apologies, but that made me LAUGH out loud.

LOL - don't be silly!


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