My reply to @khrom , and his very well thought out comment...

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An excellent, excellent, take on things, sir.

Fortunately for me, my realism is based in optimism, not nihilism.
(no matter how it may be seen by others).

You're correct in regards to blurt (or rather all DPoS social media platform).

The frustrations I feel ARE as a result of this flawed system - a 'con' that I myself bought into a long time ago (and then rejected...).

My life of material minimalism is by choice, and - off social media - is rewarded by a great quality of life.
(A beautiful place to live, productive gardening, abundant fishing, a gorgeous girlfriend of nearly a decade, and two fantastic doggies).
I'm in the very lucky position of being in a great community (the 'old style', helping each out, type) and - irrelevant of social media - can, if needed, build (another) business in the real world with my existing company.

Everything that I've been doing for this last month is based on the 'fairly inevitable' end game.... (as I see it - if things stay the same)
...the demise of blockchain social media.

I will purchasing another website later on today - not because it's the route I would ideally choose - but because it's the only realistic alternative in pursuing my own ambitions in the internet creative space.

I feel no different signing into blurt nowadays than I did when I left hive - (after 9 months of downvoting on ever post I made).

I have no desire to wade through such an environment - BUT, neither do I have any desire to get covered in cow/pig shit when I feed the soil - but I'll still do it.
I do that for profit - a future bounty of produce - and blurt is no different in that respect- not for me, nowadays - it's certainly is no fun.

But profit I will....I don't mean the upvotes, but the wealth of material I'm gathering.
It's a necessary - but dirty - part of my longer goal and is fully in line with that.

While my strategies may not be obvious to some - the clever man could see them very clearly - and could observe that they to, are in full alignment.
The continual attacks on me are indicative of a 'not very clever men'.
If they were intelligent - they'd refrain from doing such - knowing that by entering into my arena, they're doing nothing but aiding me while dis-empowering themselves at the same time ...
(you can't fix stupid, but you can alter a state of ignorance, to one of knowledge...).

daily patriot - Copy (4) - Copy - Copy.jpg

daily patriot - Copy (6) - Copy - Copy.jpg

Everything I've been doing on Blurt - including the last few days of 'mask stripping', has been with that in mind...
Not from any personal conflicts , but for material to use in the future.

There is no ego involved (well, not from my side) - just a strategic logic to gather as much information as possible from the social/behavioral/psychological, perspective.
Material that may be of great value to me, later on.

My incendiary/satirical/flippant/ style of interaction has been purely to illicit the responses from those who wear the masks - to illustrate the pathologies and psychologies hiding behind the facade's.
(not only that, it's the easiest way - by far - for me to maintain some semblance of sanity in this ridiculously insane, low intelligence, environment).

Do I enjoy it ?...Yes.- but not for the reasons many might think...(read on...)

I lived/was brought up in - a family of narcissists (both low IQ and high IQ) ...and one certified psycho, along with some full on sociopaths....
...It's no wonder that I don't need - or worry about - or seek - any peer approval, now is it ?

I've been fighting 'my corner' ever since I was 4 years old - fighting against manipulators, liars, and mentally weak people.

...I've seen' the butterfly effect' of such stupid toxicity in action....and it ain't pretty- ever...

I can think of no more worthwhile endeavor in life than confronting this 'mind cancer' at every opportunity.

That involves the stripping away of masks.
That means conflict.
That means psychological pain for those that I expose as being the 'mask wearers'.
(and with the optimistic/naive hope, that in doing so, may change their cowardly mindsets. Courage is required for self awareness).

I take no joy in this 'exposing' ...only a resigned disappointment that my suspicions were - once more - proven to be correct.

I take no pleasure in inflicting this psychological pain on others.

(the inevitable consequence and outcome of such endeavors, if proven to be accurate).

I DO, however, take a grim satisfaction in the knowledge that I've exposed liars, manipulators, the disingenuous, and the charlatans.

I KNOW that by not doing such, I will be aiding in the world becoming even more fucked up than it is already.
This decay is entirely due to the charlatans, the disingenuous, and the liars....(ect)

I'm doing my bit - in my own small way- to try and redress this problem.
I do that by exposing fraud - in all it's 'psychological forms'.

'All politics is local', as they say- and in today's world, that means internet forums as much as anywhere else.

This is why it makes no difference to me if I'm exposing fakery at 'the local level' (any given platform and it's users), or at the higher levels (governments/ngo's/msm media , etc).

My focus was very much on the latter when I first came to Blurt.

It was only though the actions against me - on the platform (megadrives attempts to silence me to begin with ) and then the ongoing debacle - that kept my focus here - a case of 'all politics being local'.

It made no difference to me - where my focus was.


Blurt and 'the idiots in charge' - entirely through their own actions, have almost INSISTED that I keep and maintain my focus on Blurt....the recent wtp and matrix meltdown being the latest.

Until my site(s) is up and running - I WILL be maintaining my presence on here - FOR MY OWN purposes.
One of collecting useful, and potentially valuable, information.

The most efficient manner in which I can collect this information seems to be though satire, lampooning, and pointing out the stupidity of logical inconsistencies.

The fragile ego's here seem to have no 'off' button - Which is fine - I find it totally fascinating to observe. also keeps supplying me with more and more information.
'They' seem to insist on providing all this to me, not only free of charge - day in, and day out.
..but also increasing my own credibility with every encounter - and ironically, reducing their own at the very same time...
(the mind truly boggles)....
...It'd be very rude not to take them up on such a bountiful - and so eagerly given - offer.

Life can be beautiful - and loads of fun - but only if you're courageous enough to be truly free....

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thanks for your appreciation.

I understand your motivations. When it comes to information gathering, I used the same tactic myself when I wrote a series of downvoting articles where I highlighted the disastrous impact of this practice on the user experience of the hive.

My first article covered extensively my perspective and hypothesis, which was a provoking trigger for some of the masks to fall off. The next ones were in turn, a provocation to show the previously slightly angry downvoters that they would actually unload their anger on the first better occasion by using the downvote button, which took place: The last one was the culmination of the collected information:

@baah you are laughing at what was written about the information because it may sound funny, but for me the whole long conversation on the given links was also an informational gathering action and I can understand what @lucylin means. The face in the comments showed people about whom I was not entirely convinced. and what was said and shown as a result of this procedure allowed me to finally make a decision about the true face of the hive network and give up its support. before this action, for example, I still believed that @gtg is a wittness worth counting on and that maybe there is still room for some debate on hive. After that, my doubts were dispelled and the culmination was the fact with some strange "coincidence" since then hive watchers attached to me and most of the my entries started to be downvoted, which I think clearly shows that whoever dared to criticize the dogma of downvoting there is unwelcome.

As for the rest of my comment, my intention is, first and foremost, to protect my investments and the space where freedom of speech can reign and a place of income for independent authors, which is increasingly lacking on the Internet.

Therefore, I would like to help you avoid unnecessary conflicts, which in my opinion result from the general atmosphere for which the fraudsters who made Blurt a scam are to blame. Both @world-travel-pro and @lucylin have good intentions in my opinion and all the fuss is obviously caused by the parasites and hyenas mentioned above. @wtp believes in agreement and that the situation we encountered here on Blurt is the result of misunderstandings. @lucylin, driven by the experiences he was in, when he was threatened with freezing his account, blamed for deliberately sowing ferment, and from his probing articles, he clearly sees now clearly and clearly that @wtp has fallen victim to his over-trust in people, which this I don't want to admit.

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@baah you are laughing at what was written about the information because it may sound funny

Why do you think it sounds funny? You think I would take a demented approach of profiling people who disagree with me and down vote me, especially when I entered the game knowing the rules and have more than likely earned (yes, EARNED) more down votes than anyone else there? I'm not a faggot like you and lucylin who is there for the "investment" and second for the freedom of speech, I will still defend people's rights to curate something as negative or of no value and have no qualms with sticking my neck to confront faggots who downvote and their approach at dissuading people from participating.

You are a faggot because you don't care for freedom of expression and changed your mind about the game when the rules didn't suit you. This other faggot has a history of lying and I find it very entertaining to subject him to the same psychotic "profiling" he resorts to so he can pretend that he is correct in some grand cosmic argument, Karen signaling is a very reserved term for what he does. The most hilarious part, is tha t he's here for the "profiling" and not the rewards. I'm sure, faggot morons like yourself, who Upton Sinclair remarked how hard it is for most to understand something other to that for which their salary rests on, will struggle to assimilate that he's here only for the rewards. Maybe next time, exit like a gentleman, not like a bitch, say game well plays, I lost, you win, till we meet again. Maybe next time make them an offer they can't refuse or banish your pride and plead for forgiveness, even if you don't mean it, heck I could sit here and think of opportunities and proposals all day instead of choosing to whine like a bitch and rage quit. I'm counting the hours until this faggot leaves, I'll come out and take credit for it, I'll toot my one liners and shit on his diatribes one last laugh.

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I am not playing any game. The games and rules are for Lemmings. I'm a human, not a lemming or a character from any other game, and if I notice that some system is fucked up, I fuck the system from top to bottom.

I also do not trade with Lemmings or bargain with them, even if it seems that they are the winning Lemmings.

As for lucylin, it is as I wrote. Read and understand what I wrote.

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You didn't fuck the system up at all you faggot. What did I not understand you monumental fag? You enjoyed the "system" until you didn't. Word games are for faggots like yourself.

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this is deep man, real wisdom...

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You're here mocking my revelation and unchallenged denouncing of bullshit, but if I were to question your trailing thought, you'd qualify what I said as "real" wisdom how and why..

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that @wtp has fallen victim to his over-trust in people, which this I don't want to admit.

If you don't give people rope to hang themselves with while encouraging them to fly straight, but instead keep digging your thumbs into their eyes, then you just end up becoming @lucylin! The most hated person on Blurt.

But overall I like your comment. Hive is rotten to core. Thank you very much for your support. I agree both of us want to make Blurt better, but he simply is the wrong person for that job given the "character" he has taken on.

He should stick to political comedy which people liked him for. Not one post after another getting personal and trying to humiliate people here publicly. Making great political funny content would be a huge benefit to Blurt from a quality content standpoint. If he wants to make Blurt better he should get back to that. Myself, @outofthematrix, @ultravioletmag, and others would have naturally supported him and he could just chill and earn. Maybe that can still happen, but damn he's turned a lot of people off....

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Well, reading his posts, I got the impression that it was because he was on the list of accounts to be frozen, touched him to such an extent that he took it as a serious attack and insult. Because that's when the nature of his posts changed so radically.

For example, according to Polish law, the words megadrive were a false slander, and may be punished with a fine .. And there is a reason for that because when someone slanders us in public, it is a damage to our image which may even lead to serious mental problems for a sensitive person. .

I am not saying that it is so in this case, but I only pay attention to the fact that such "telling myself that you will freeze someone's account" may have a severe impact on someone. @lucylin writes in this article that he comes from a narcissistic family and is very sensitive to slander and manipulation, so you don't have to wonder, in my opinion, why it could have affected him so much.

reminder that I read the discord conversation copied by @fervi and the accounts that appeared on this list were clearly mentioned about the intentional spreading of ferment and the attempt to destroy the Blurt.

But I'm not really anyone's attorney @lucylin, of course, he can express himself. I'm just saying how I perceive this whole situation.

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I am not saying that it is so in this case, but I only pay attention to the fact that such "telling myself that you will freeze someone's account" may have a severe impact on someone. @lucylin writes in this article that he comes from a narcissistic family and is very sensitive to slander and manipulation, so you don't have to wonder, in my opinion, why it could have affected him so much.

What a despicable faggot blaming his family and taking his "sensitivity" out on others. All a fragile faggot sees is people attacking him, why ever so are they so narcissistic and disregard my sensitivities. Such faggotry should remain sheltered from the brutal honesty and no shit owed comment section.

But I'm not really anyone's attorney @lucylin, of course, he can express himself. I'm just saying how I perceive this whole situation

He can slander, but don't you dare suggest you'll take drastic measures to prompt his expulsion! How dare yes exclude anyone, let alone a cancerous cretin!

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How you love faggots baah, are you transitioning ?

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Still stuck on words?

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We stood up for him though at cost to ourselves especially wtp. Who had a lot invested. We all saw the site crashing down and the price by standing up for him because our principles didn’t believe in freezing wallets and we all made a huge big deal in support, he just thanks wtp by now picking on him instead lol. I’m all for highlighting issues but this is not the right way at all. I still support freedom of speech tho and think he should be able to share whatever he wants but as someone with nothing good to say about blurt and rather than not even promoting it but actively dissing it everywhere I mostly ignore all posts. This is the first one I responded to in a long time and even then I didn’t read the post only the comments. Blurt is supposed to be a community project that’s how it’s meant to differ from Facebook, I know none of these sites are fair but the premise of them is that in essence they should be in the hands of the people. I get people don’t like things but then we have to try and influence change. Hive is too far gone but blurt is still mailable we can stamp our influence here as a team and keep it in line with what it said it would be, a free speech platform. If lucylin just called out behaviours I wouldn’t mind but he actively drags blurt at every chance and that’s not helping anyone. Excuse all typos I’m tired

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As usual... Sharp as a knife! 🔪

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as I said wtp, I am not anyone's lawyer here. There are two things that strike me the most about this whole affair. The first is what I wrote here:

The second point is this lucylin thing is a bit of a self-propelling machine. He's who he is, so people start attacking him, so he's even more into it all. A never-ending story. Memes or profanity don't help at all. @world-travel-pro went with quite strong slogans in the exchange commented by lucylin and got carried away, the story goes on, so I just think that no one is without fault here.

However, what disturbed the peace and balance here is the situation from 07.07 and the action with freezing the accounts, and this and other disputes and quarrels are, in my opinion, just long-term consequences of what has been done. And what is still being done, such as censorship on

This creates a general nervous atmosphere. Some just wait until the price jumps for a moment to evacuate from here, others have already done it, others blame each other.

We all know who is responsible for this situation and, in my opinion, this should be remembered above all else.

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writes in this article that he comes from a narcissistic family

IMO he's the biggest of them all!!!!!


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well I think this is quite a delicate matter and you shouldn't jump to conclusions on this point.

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What a faggot hypocrite! You defend him calling people far worse things than narcissist and you think its a delicate matter to express your opinion on his psychology, especially someone who goes around almost, if not, exclusively psychoanalyzing people based on their comments? The fucking faggot hypocrite.

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I'm not defending anyone. as you learn to read and understand what I write, as well as you've mastered using the words "fag" and "fucking" to anyone you disagree with, maybe you'll understand what I mean

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Yes you are, you want people to not call him a narcissist but you have no problem with him doing it.

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That is my opinion... Sickest POS on Blurt (apart from TheMarky).

My opinion, is my opinion... and it stays that way!

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I understand your position and your motivation, but note that attacking each other with memes will do nothing. You get annoyed that you think lucylin posts do a lot of acid on Blurt, but such memes are sulfur for this acid.

As I wrote @ world-travel-pro in my opinion, the most important problem on Blurt is the top five wittens because the blurt ended up on the edge. If, in turn, this is to be a popular internet platform in the future, take into account that one day there will be hundreds of different controversial personalities such as lucylin and everyone will have to coexist with each other, just like on any other social media portal. So better start learning it right away.

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Get the fuck off the internet if words are hurtful. Those chords they strike, I'll strum to my pleasure for your squirming no principle self is entertaining to me. Even your silence is bemusing!

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I love memeing! I have always memed and I definitely will not stop memeing!!!
If someone has a problem with that... NOT MY PROBLEM!


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Absolutely you are 100% correct, and the entire platform saw that as a huge blunder. @lucylin had the sympathy of me and so many others. If he realized that he could have used it to his advantage and played things cool. Instead he just went on a never ending war path against so many people, including myself who has had his back on more than one occasion. Really, he was in a very good spot with the community coming to his aid, but I guess he thought it was an opportunity to hammer relentlessly on his critics to the point where he just turned so many people off. This is actually a great case sample of two wrongs not making a right.

You know... this is a dilemma kind of: your relative has been killed and without waiting for justice you start executing justice by yourself.

You should always remember that the main culprit is always the killer. This should not be forgotten and the original victim should be treated lightly.

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For real...Let that be a testament to literally how many people and to what extent this guy has pissed off and mistreated....including those who had nothing to do with this frozen account blunder and took his side at the time.

Also the "murder" never actually happened. It just turned out to be a threat that backfired making megadrive look real bad. The penguin could have just sat back and laughed while the community handed him a clear victory as the powers that be were forced to back track. Instead of going on the war path he could have gained friends and allies by thanking them for their support and moving on.

megadrive is a polite person who expresses himself with culture and eloquence. However, even the worst politicians and public figures who have the blood of more than one person on their hands can also do it. The problem is that this is why a certain electorate chooses the same criminals over and over again. Since most people forget offenses easily, they quickly gain sympathy with good speakers.

What megadrive has done, is getting more and more watered down and diluted. People forget and he only talks, but for me it is just talk like among politicians. One says the other does and suddenly after a few months it turns out that people did not leave the blurt at all because they made a scam with the team, but only because it was @lucylin's fault.

In turn, weak speakers or aggressive and arrogant speakers are often rejected at the outset by most people, even if they, and not their well-spoken counter-interlocutor, are right. There are even studies confirming this phenomenon. I think that is the crux of the situation.
But in my opinion it is the fault of the crowd and its short-sightedness, not the interlocutor. We've learned to buy well packaged con's these days and dismiss the ugly truth, that's the problem.

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Man, you are easy to communicate with. Like a breath of fresh air compared to some. It's like with @khrom I can share my views without having to be called a sell out mega bitch and put on the defensive. You should be an example for others of how to communicate with people with different opinions.

Now that I've made that point and again congratulate you for your level response to your views of megadrive, I don't think he is some kind of con artists. I think the mistakes he has made were nothing more or nothing less than mistakes and costly ones too. And that is part of why I joined the witness list, to help prevent the market tumbling at the expense of upsetting blunders going forward.

In fact that freezing situation was so obviously wrong, It didn't take more than two seconds for @jacobkadiakan to speak up and set that straight, and I called him out for an emergency intervention if you recall how that went down.

In fact before that frozen account blunder, megadrive states that he was seething mad with lucy and others. Great recipe for some dumb ass decisions.

So I'm here to help thwart that kind of stuff in the future and move forward so we can all have a chance to earn and see our investments recover.

I'm not here to overthrow anyone in charge or sentence them to 5 five years of hard humiliating labor on Blurt.

In fact I believe what I first said in this thread is still the best stance to least for me....but if you truly think megadive is the Bernie Madoff of Blockcahin (which I do not) then I see how you may think my stance is basically too weak.

If you don't give people rope to hang themselves with while encouraging them to fly straight, but instead keep digging your thumbs into their eyes, then you just end up becoming @lucylin! The most hated person on Blurt.

Oh, I saw your other post regarding that guy from Hive that I remind you of. I don't think that is even possible here. I'm sure he too was pressured and at risk of account annihilation if he didn't come out vehemently against you. The power on Hive just comes from the top via the barrel of a down-vote gun, you toe the party line our your done, and maybe that is just what we was forced to do, or he's just a total duche, but I never interacted with that guy so hard to say.

As long as you communicate with me like a human being and not label me a "gay" piece of shit like the penguin more or less has. I think you are great and you've got my full support as a likable valuable person here on Blurt!

IMO he feeds off of humiliating, insulting, manipulating and trying to isolate other people here on Blurt.

The sickest POS I have ever seen...


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He totally gets off on it...

"drop the mic!"

Lolol not for the rewards, for the "information".

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If only those 15 lions realised their power in numbers. Reading 1984 finally lol reminds me of hive, the thought police 🤣

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You know, on Facebook nobody gave me a cent for anything. But they took your gifts away on hive, and it's as if they robbed you of your humanity! Me thinks you're a tad ungrateful, or a smidge too concerned with what others think of you. When the reward is the struggle, ahhh but when thirst is what you chase not water!

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That’s totally different because nobody is earning on Facebook apart from the workers. The social media blockchain platforms were supposed to empower the user that was the whole point of them we all know what we were getting on Facebook. It’s the same as if we drink Coke we know it’s shit for us and we drink it anyway but if we buy a healthy drink we don’t expect it to be worse than Coke. Being able to build a community and get regular support and a handful of people maybe one or to be able to take all of your support away from thousands of people is bullshit. Or those handful of people down voting you because of things they do themselves because it’s OK for the 2% to do them and not okay for anyone else to. Sorry there is absolutely no excuse for the behaviour over on Big Brother hive it’s a disgrace to humanity.

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Everything you earned wasn't promised or expected. It's not a disgrace to humanity to curate things. Its a disgrace to humanity to take such things as actual worth or value.

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Your just repeating bullshit thought police statements about ‘ oh your earnings were not promised’ and your still earning as much as you are on Facebook.

No you shouldn’t be happy to allow one or two people to take away thousands of peoples rewards on your posts. Even YouTube would never stoop that low.


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Huh? Where were rewards promised? Where were earnings promised?

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You don’t remember in 2017 the whole premise being on how amazing it was that you got rewarded for your content that was their big selling point over Facebook.

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Blurt also almost became one when it threatened to freeze wallets thankfull because we st least have some freedom to speak up without getting nuked we reversed the decision by community concensus making it at least more decentralised than big brother hive.

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It was never reversed as it had never been implemented. Consultation between founders took place and Jacob helped mega take a step back and look at this from outside and that his anger was not conducive to the vision of Blurt.

Folks keep talking about it as though it happened. A reminder post to put this in perspective again.

Blurt is decentralized, the front end and devs payed for by the founders is not. Anyone can feel free to do their own dev work or set up their own front end and run it as they please.

I use latam myself I think it’s the most free

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I’ve said a few times now lately mega drive has completely changI f the way he communicates on Blurt for the better. I’ve seen a huge positive change.

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I meant the decision was reversed. Let’s not lie if was touted as a proposal about to happen it wasn’t asked to the community if we would like it lol I hope people learnt from the experience tbh

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Getting nuked is an honor.

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It absolutely is. These sites promised to reward their user for their input. That was the point of them rather than fb which just one central user earns. If one or two users can wipe an account to no earnings or zero rep it is not what it says on the can. It’s like buying a drink that promises to be the healthiest drink ever on the label and inside is coke. We all know what we get on Facebook, big brother hive is a lie. It’s a disgrace to what blockchain stands for and it’s a joke.

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It was clear from the beginning that Down voting canceled upvotes.

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I still blame the uSeful idiots myself who just sit there a quietly and don’t speak out from fear of being next. If everyone keeps doing that nothing will ever change.

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It was advertised as being able to split money between users rather than one or a few middle men. It’s essentially splitting money between a handful of middle men. Allowing 4 people together to control everything on the site and everyone who can make money even if they have a huge community is far more centralised than YouTube it’s an absolutely joke of decentralisation. If you enjoy being nuked and consider it an honour for one person to cancel 1000 peoples rewards and choice I don’t even know what to say to you.

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I think one lion could kill hundreds if not thousands of people, maybe millions if you motivate them correctly, but alas, they aren't killers, they are pets.

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