My reply to @offgridlife.....And the bigger picture...

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This was offgrid's reply to my post yesterday, regarding my new website(s) project.

Great… but why not have @fervi @ctime etc just create a new Front End for Blurt …. XbLurt, dblurt or something like that where you can develop the new front end however you like ? Just use Blurt Crypto as the currency …. no need to create another new crypto …. We don’t need a pob, or a vyb, or a Leo (all going to zero) … just create a new Blurt Front End that you develop however you want ,.. but also encourage the price of Blurt to move up rather than down. We could all use the extra boost to our crypto income. Up is good. ….

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Trying to re-invent another four sided version of the wheel - to roll properly - is an exercise in futility.

Welcome to trying to change DPoS.

It's nothing new - I've been arguing this precise point since the steemit days when I saw how the dynamics of DPoS governance + low competence + nepotism, align.

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...'the four sided wheel' only exists because 'code is law', and the wheel makers- who have total control over production of siad wheel - refuse to believe in any fundamental changes.
....(low competence + man children/libtards + iron law of oligarchy and the consolidation of power).

A new approach - one out of any dpos governance system - is required.

DpoS is systemically flawed.
Because at the very basic level - it's based on natural laws that directly contravene the 'supply, demand, and value allocation' used throughout the natural world..
Ergo, it will not endure.
The most fundamental laws of nature dictate this to be so, not me.

DPoS as a governance model ?...
It, and the crypto's associated with it - will all go to zero, imo...only the timeline is yet to be decided.

Even IF Schwab and the NWO parasites et al. temporarily succeed (and who, coincidentally, write much about how good 'stakeholder capitalism' is), it will still fail.
DPoS is a 'stakeholder cRapitlism' model - i.e digital feudalism

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I won't help shoehorn in that particular dystopia, no matter how temporary - or profitable, short term - it may be.

This is why I speak my truths as I see them.

I'll always try to derail the ambitions of the disingenuous, greedy, power hungry commies/fascists/control freaks/man children/mid-wit bureaucrats...
They're the parasitical class sucking of the genuinely creative, hard working, producers.

....Therefor the extraction of wealth from the low competence parasites being reallocated towards the expansion of models adhering more closely to the natural laws of supply, demand and value allocation is (or seems to me anyway) , a virtuous endeavor.
...And one far more profitable in the long term.

Hopefully crypto has a place in the future - but I do not think it will be crypto as we know it today...
....i.e a 'digital fiat model' based in conceptualizations and not the reality - of money...(and definitively not CBDC's).

'SOUND MONEY' is the representing of the value of something else - gold, commodities, etc.....

but also encourage the price of Blurt to move up rather than down. We could all use the extra boost to our crypto income. Up is good.

The topics I choose to write about are not dependent on token price, marketing, or the herd mentality - or those low IQ individuals addicted to hopium.

The topics I choose to write about are fundamentally the same but from different angles.

When 'the powers that be' ....the disingenuous, greedy, power hungry commies/fascists/control freaks/man children/mid-wit bureaucrats)... decide to attack me - they then become the target.

The very same principles of satire, ridicule, and dark humor - apply to this platform and the orcs running things, as is me deriding and taking the piss out of national politicians.
The principles remain the same, only the terrain changes.

Look how many articles I wrote about Blurt critically - before this debacle with me started.
...Apart from a couple of posts criticizing the use of the 'ban the bomb' icon in the the blurt logo - NADA....


...the low competence, libtard orientated cabal decided to try and exert control over me.

First the COAL list, then the proposal to freeze my accounts, then the new mute function thingy.

My focus then shifted from looking at the wider world to posting daily about what I now see as a putrid, incestuous, cesspit.

As more and more of the idiotic witnesses continue show their true colors (and noticeable lack of intelligence) .... I have no doubt that their butt hurt fweel fweels and their recently bruised ego's due entirely to their own actions, will lead to emotionally based, raged filled attempts to oust me from the platform...bless...
...The public humiliation and the observable (and increasing) lack of any credibility will be used to fuel their resentment, no taken as an opportunity to grow and learn from the experience...bless.

blurty - Copy (2) - Copy.JPG

Hopefully @ctime - and others- will change the governance structures and, more importantly - the ethos of the place... over time.

Maybe, just maybe, 'the four sided wheel' called DPoS, can be re-worked into a fully functioning, far more efficient, round one - i.e allow supply, demand, and a much closer aligned value allocation system, become the norm.

All that starts with.... free speech, and the sidelining and total de-legitimization of the libtard, collectivist, low standards, low effort, culture...

.....Oh, and the weak individuals with more faces than a town hall clock.
Those who's only love in life is the love of money, and who think that their spiritual vacuum and lack of any spine can somehow be substituted with $$$'s...


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Thanks. What is the alternative system that would work for bloggers ? If not DPOS

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I like how @offgridlife is a positive thinker ,.. we need that for some balance .But his proposals don't seem that solid to me . Like running a new front end under a coin regulated by retards ? it could become bringing water to the ocean . No matter how good the new front end ( product ) is the blurt chain will still be ran ( ruined ) by the greed controlling it . Reasons why POB and VYB didn't work in the long run .

but also encourage the price of Blurt to move up rather than down.

Yes very positive thinking ,.. but no telling how to encourage exactly .
The horse lays for death on the floor and most think putting more betting's on it will make it win the race . No one is calling a doctor or is helping the horse with good food and clean water ( good selling content) .

So how do we encourage a square to roll up a hill ?
Anyone having some chisel's ?
And instead off cheering from the side ,.. start pushing it .
With good entertaining and so selling content .


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As I have learned…for many people on Blurt the “money” can be used to buy food and pay rent. So it’s not always about greed. Sometimes it’s about survival. I am trying to keep the price of Blurt moving up by buying a little every day. Whatever I can afford.

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for many people on Blurt the “money” can be used to buy food and pay rent.

Gold can to ,.. ever heard about the gold rush ?

Being a bit greedy for your own survival is a good thing , don't get me wrong .
In all ignorance thinking a daily selfy , sucking on to the whales forming jerk circles and buying the coin a bit will make you rich one day , well it won't ,.. never . As it doesn't create a good selling entertaining product in any way . ( not talking about you ,. talking about the overall mindset , it's somewhere based on greed )

The value lies with the content creators ,.. the ones that entertain and attract readers .
I am not that , i gave it a shot ,. found out again how hard it is to be just that .
So respect to the ones that can , still doing it for scraps because regulation sucks .

Still , my post is on blurt-trending , up with upvu and without official blurt account's support .
But probably because i cheated a bit ,... i used doping . ;-)

Thanks to all that voted on it ,. much appreciated . :-)

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Yeah, unfortunately for me the only way I earn anything at all on Blurt is from a delegation to @upvu. Otherwise I earn practically nothing. Oh well….

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Otherwise I earn practically nothing. Oh well….

That's what the gold digger said about mercury ,.. ;-)

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Well. I am a Prospector.... I literally go panning for Gold on the weekends.

Yeah ,. like are you using mercury when panning ,.. for better profit but a shorter life ?

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No…. just a pan.

I understand why you think dpos is crap. I don't understand what alternative are you suggesting.