Time, life - and wasting it away- Especially if you don't have a purpose...

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“If you hang out with chickens, you're going to cluck and if you hang out with eagles, you're going to fly.”

Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

I find profiling a useful use of my time.
.....It gives me purpose .
The 'interaction' is the necessary methodology I use - the peeling off of the layers of projected images is required, so as to see a clearer picture - it's nothing more.

Exposing fake motivations -and the masks that people wear to realize their true motivations hidden behind the mask - Is what give me my life purpose
....after gardening, fishing, cooking , and a few other far more valuable endeavors (my own websites being the newest one..!)

I find the conviction of purpose increases with every attack, and failed attempts that come from the weak herd, mob mentality sheep... (to silence those who are not like them)...truth is the final arbiter.
Truth does not fear the light, but lies and deception, do.


daily patriot - Copy (6) - Copy.jpg

It's not personal - It's PURPOSEFUL....and it's my business...
(some butt hurt - and very fragile snowflakes - around here do seem to think it's personal, bless...)

Having discovered/uncovered such individuals* who are also in positions of influence.
It's morally incumbent for me to reveal the truth- and it's also profitable for me, personally - to do so (a 'win-win')...
*Such individuals are poor decision makers , poor leaders, and poor in ...well, pretty much anything really, that involves independent thought, and self confidence..


...Would you have invested your money in Blurt - if you'd had all this information that you know now about megamoron (and now some other witnesses ?)

Information allows for better decision making.

I aim to provide information.
My purpose.

The fact that I'm being helped continually (and with such adolescent passion) , by the very people I wish to provide information about - is truly a phenomena to behold.

cvg - Copy (3) - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg

Information gathering allows other people to make better informed decisions - wouldn’t you agree?

Control freak idiots with hidden agendas, try to sell lies, and think that less information is better - wouldn't you agree?

The seemingly pathological insistence to reveal their own idiocy - to the entire fucking world - is something that books will be written about -and laughed about - in the future...
....and yes !! - I might just be one of those authors!

I've found bad tempered rottweilers with poor self-control issues, harder to trigger than some people on here - and I'm talking specifically about the 'leaders' and 'witnesses' !!!

These same people that are in actual positions of power to direct blurt....

cvg - Copy (3) - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg

Personally, I wouldn't give these low competence, cognitively absent bureaucrats, the responsibility to direct my turd down the toilet bowl

Low competence in action....

Imagine if megamoron had kept his virtue signaling, non functioning brain, outta my business ?...
None of this current mind melting of ‘big account holders’, would even be happening.

'The butterfly effect' - in action, in real time

How do these interactions with myself and the butt hurt witnesses help blurt?......They don't - not one little bit.

How do they improve the image - the marketing angle ?...They don't – not one bit.

How do they improve...anything - in terms of the platform ?.....They don't…not..one…bit…

And yet.... they continue - insistent that juvenile tantrums, weak thought processes, illogical conclusions, delusion reasoning, and attempted gaslighting - is somehow - a GOOD THING..?...
Seriously ?


So.....if these actions only serve to hurt the platform - then what does it say about the competency of the minds at work ?

NONE of you - megamoron, wtp, tekcrazy, etc... (and many others)... are executing actions that improve 'anything blurt' related. (with the odd exception)...


There's no 'turning the clock back', here - no 'pretending it didn't happen' - you gotta work with what you've got..

I am.

I'm gonna be working with mounting piles of material - all provided by 'the cabal'.
And all provided by them because they - the cabal - have zero self control, zero business sense, and apparently zero competence, or emotional maturity.

But apart from all the self destructive actions seen daily on Blurt at the moment - you're all doing a really stellar job, champs - no, really !..(sarc)

It seems to me that the low competence, ego driven, and fragile cabal - are ALL trying their very fucking best - to create an environment that ensures that they blow blurts - and their collective little brains - right out.

Breaking news !...The Blurt marketing department have come up with a new and progressive way to increase airflow if you have a stuffy nose..

I don't care one way or another anymore in how you choose to go forwards*…

'The die is well and truly already cast', as the say...no going back now…

*Although - if @ctime DOES take over controlling stake in this platform - what a great day it would be for Blurt !

Give me a benevolent dictator with a brain and ethical compass over 20 collectivist commie midwit sheep without an ounce of common sense, principals, integrity (or social skills) , anytime.

It seems to me, that the witnesses here, seem to keep insisting on giving me so much useful material....it would remiss of me to not capitalize on it, would it not?

There's always value to found in most things in life, if you're a 'go getter'.

IMAG0004 (3).JPG

I feel a short book about DPoS, social media, and the psychology of greed and mob mentality, is beckoning.
I’ll be sure to credit specific names – it’d be rude not to, would it not ?
...and all here on the blockchain for easy reference!…(another win-win..).

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Like a guilty pleasure, i read your pig and trof ...how do you spell trof?... posts and wonder how this will play out... a train wreck i expect...in the middle of a global melt down what else could it be?


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