Blurtopian Dev: BlurtKey v1.3.1 Release - 2022/03/04

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This includes the changes done on BlurtKey v1.3.1. It resolved the error of accepting a signBuffer transaction from BlurtKey with

So far, here's the list of working functions.

  1. In-App Browser
    1. Login
    2. Upvote
    3. Explore Tab (dApps Page)
    4. History Tab
    5. Favorites Tab

1. Codes

Update includes 35 files.

2. App Demo

Here's a demo from an iOS device.

3. Download Links

  1. Download from Play Store
  2. Download from App Store (via TestFlight)

4. Impediments Encountered

There were a couple of issues I encountered, but I guess the one which stood out was troubleshooting the null pointers happening when displaying favorites. Resolved by adding a filter loop.

Another I guess is the error why integration of signing request from BlurtKey is failing when logging in to Eventually, the cause was a misspelled function name.

5. Next

  1. Resolve the items raised by App Store for BlurtKey to be released in the App Store
    1. Guideline 3.1.1 - Business - Payments - In-App Purchase
    2. Guideline 3.1.5 - Business - Payments - Cryptocurrencies
  2. In-App Browser
    1. Post
    2. Settings
    3. Blurt Wallet Logo
  3. Investigate why the computed tx fee is not the actual liquid BLURT deducted from wallet balance

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Hello @eastmael

I was happy to give you a delegation.
You can see in my account that exactly since this delegation I don't receive upvotes anymore.
I have made several delegations and hoped that I would get more upvotes as a result.
Unfortunately this is not the case.
If this does not change I will have to withdraw my delegations again.
I also need upvotes.
My account is not that big.
Kind regards

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Hello developer eastmael sir!
I'm feeling sad and sorrow that i have posted my introduction post after two years of creating my account. i was in deep darkness and superstitions that blockchains are scam and fraud because how can my blog be paid without ads. But now i understood and want work in blurt blog. Can you see my introduction please.

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Hey @eastmael, are you one of the devs for Blurt? What is it? If I post here does it show up on HIVE? What if I vote here?


Hello @rt395, glad to see you here! Yup, I’m one of the devs working on it part-time.

Blurt’s a completely different chain. Just graphene-based and is a fork from STEEM.

What you post in Blurt won’t be posted on Hive. When you vote here, it will be reflected on Blurt’s chain and will gain you BP (BlurtPower) for curation reward similar to HP and SP, just a different label.

Vote for our Witness

We have a TRC20, VKRW we are supporting with the income

As a new member in, it motivates me to use this application.
For the first time I install the app, I hope it would help me to manage my wallet as well as my account and
it would be very user-friendly.


I genuinely appreciate your effort.

It will be very good for everybody. and I hope everybody will use the app and will know their sanctification. and i want to know thanks specially to the main persons of this platform for giving best update and very much dynamic system.

Many people may have been waiting for these apps.
I think everyone will use these apps and gradually the apps will be updated.

Very wonderful this app.
Is there any fear of hacking while using this app?🤭

I think everyone will use apps. 🚀Thanks to the Blurt team for presenting the apps among us in such a beautiful way.😍

First of all thank you. Shared with us a very important piece of information. @eastmael

Blurt should go to at least a dollar one day like hive did!

I hope so too. :)

Hello @eastmael
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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The UI is perfect and the app is rapid in functionality with the lovely added web browser.
Thanks so much for this sir.

Below is the screenshot

Thank you for the feedback. Hope you could leave a playstore review as well!

Thanks for these regular updates on BlurtKey. I use my phone to blog and must say the android app is smooth and easy to use. Well done! 🙂

Thank you for the feedback. Appreciate if you could leave a playstore review as well :)

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Thank you for the update. I hope it gets better, keep it up

Keep up the good work Bro. We need things such as these for a better #blurt user experience. I mainly use blurt in my laptop because it is hard for me to use a smartphone but this is very good if I will have a temporary problem with the laptop. 👍

Thanks for the feedback

I will try this, always waiting for updates from you

Nice to see you sir determined to add features regularly. I have followed your works and found you making BlurtKey gradually more impressive and useful. Thanks a lot sir for your effective works!

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Thanks @eastmael for the update. I'm sure you worked really hard on this, it will take some time to fix it.

@rahmattrisnamal. Looks like there has been a related update in your post.

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Yes, I've tried it. It worked!

Yes!, I got my android app just now. This is cool, it's easier than opening a browser on smartphone specially for checking your balance or sending blurt to other users, I just love it.

I like the seamless and smooth feel with it as well. Thanks for the feedback. :)