Trip to the lake. Road to long-awaited rest.

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Trip to the lake. Road to long-awaited rest.
This year we went to Lake Arakhley, we liked the trip very much, we had a good time.
Then we went on a trip to Lake Baikal.
We used to go to Lake Baikal very often. This year there was no opportunity to travel much, relax.
But I am also happy with these two trips to the beautiful lakes Arakhley and Baikal.
The road to the destination takes so long, I want the time to pass faster and get to the lake sooner.
I took many photos and videos of our trip.
Our little daughter went with us.
I used to draw a lot of art in nature, but now you can’t draw much with your daughter, only when she sleeps =)





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Your city looks so beautiful. My city is not as beautiful as yours. I would love to visit your city someday.

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