When Results Don't Come.

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What do you do, what do you say
when you work round the clock and nothing shows for the day?
What do you do, what do you say
when your hopes become dashed with no ray?

Life comes in form of a dice,
most times, what you want isn't what you get
It's possible but not advisable to put all eggs in a basket,
because what happens when the unimaginable comes?

It's okay to put all energy in a thing,
and still get no result for it.
It's possible to exercise a lot of patience and still not eat the fattest bone

When results don't come,
you shouldn't give up,
it's okay to take a break,
but do not break up with the passion for results

When results don't come,
wait till it comes,
let your work make it come,
Your efforts won't be futile but overall, fruitful!


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