Upset with increased fees ? Do not worry , Team Powerclub is here to help !

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Hello everyone ,
How are you all ? I hope everyone is fine and doing great in their life.

Few days ago jacob made a post suggesting about increasing the fees for blurt blockchain activities ( upvoting , commenting , reblurting , etc ). After talking with other witnesses and understanding whether this will be good for the blockchain or not witnesses decided to change their witness properties and adjust the fees accordingly.

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There arised a issue regarding the users from few other countries being upset with the increase in fees. I and i think many of the other witnesses understand the concern of normal users. Although few witnesses said that people should understand that we have taken this step for the betterment of blurt.

I on behalf of team Powerclub is here to announce that we are volunteering to help people with free liquid blurt in order someone is out of liquid blurt and need help. For those who do not know we already run a project on weekly bases where we have been helping hundreds of people already with liquid blurt.

The change we have decided is that earlier we use to give 10 liquid blurt to the person who come to us and ask for help but now we have doubled the amount and make it 20 blurt. So if you reach powerclub for free liquid blurt we will pay 20 free blurt to you.



To make sure that users are not trying to game us and loot 20 liquid blurt from multiple accounts just to sell them in the market place , we will first observe the account that has requested for free liquid blurt and then only we will give out blurt to that person.

Also you can request at most twice a week for free liquid blurt from us. That means one will at most get 40 free liquid blurt from us as a help. Please if you have sufficient liquid blurt already then use them before coming to us.

To request free blurt just head over to @powerclub account and write a comment in one our INSTANT BLURT DISPENSER post. Thats all you have to do for getting liquid blurt from us.


Also please keep this in mind that we are volunteering this as a help and a method to comfort small users who are living in fear that how will they pay the fees now.

Also remember that this increase is not permanent and will be changed once we are done with building new solution.

Thats all for today , keep blurting and take care everyone.

Thank You

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A smaller user will have a hard time using this platform because of the fees, so good luck to them if they are making a long-form blog post, much less interacting.

But this support from @powerclub is a great relief in this kind of situation.👍