Accidentally Poisoning Myself

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If you go through my blog you’ll notice I have the tendency to talk about food a lot, well it’s something I love so why not talk about it? Eating is one of the best feelings in the world but today I’ll be sharing quite a tragedic experience of mine.


So one day on a Sunday precisely, I came back from church with my family and decided to cook some jollof rice. Now it’s kinda like a family tradition to cook rice on Sunday’s, this is what we term as a ”sunday rice”
It isn’t really compulsory but its something that occurs a lot so we might just call it a tradition.

Did I forget to mention that I am a good cook?? Well now you know I am lol! Okay back to my story lol…

So, we already had the required ingredients at home, but I noticed we had no vegetables for a salad. Everyone was quite hungry and I didn’t have the strength or patience to go out to the market to get the needed salad ingredients so I decided to just skip it, we’d have some salad the next time.

I quickly sort to the kitchen to get down to business, after some time, I was done and the jollof was well prepared. After dishing and serving everyone it was my turn. I love adding salads to my sides and for some reason I suddenly really craved for some. After ransacking the fridge all over again, I didn’t still find any veges, and then I got an idea!!

Well, I like to experiment with my tastes buds so an idea popped in my head. Well there wasn’t any vegetables to make the salad but there was a jar of mayonnaise. So I thought, ”why not pour your mayo on your rice and pretend it was a salad?”
Well if you think about it, it’s kinda smart, plus it tasted cool and although the difference was clear, it wasn’t bad at all.

So, I proceeded with my genius plan and enjoyed my meal. After I was done, I stood to take my plate away and I began to feel funny, a little shaky too and so I choose to drink some water, wrong move!!! Immediately I did that, I puked from all the holes on my face and I’m certain if it could pass out of my ear it would. It wouldn’t stop coming out and so my family rushed over to me, scared and perplexed.

My mom kept wondering what was wrong, and what I ate. I told them about the mayo saga and they screamed in shock. My siblings looked at me like I was crazy but I couldn’t process anything. I began to feel lightheaded and week from all the puking, by stomach hurt so bad at that point and from what I understand I was zoned out and I couldn’t talk. It was quite alarming!!

I was rushed to the hospital where I was diagnosed with food poisoning and hospitalized for three days.
The medical attendants upon hearing what happened where shocked, and kept asking ”do you want to kill yourself” Funny right? The doctor said my system disagreed with my combination and it could have been fatal if I wasn’t rushed in. I further apologized to my family for putting them under such pressure, and they warned me profusely to never try anything of the sort again.

Since then I have cut down on my food exploration lol!! I never want to experience anything of that sort again!
Ever tried mayo and rice? Do you think you would wanna try that???

Thank you for reading
Be safe out there guys!

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