Loving A Friend, Embracing A friendship And Accepting A goodbye!!

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This is quite a bit of a touchy topic for me, in the process of growth I guess we tend to make and loose friends? This might as well be linked to the universal knowledge that ”nothing is permanent” however, it till hurts tho. In as much as nothing is permanent I believe friendships should actually last, why waste your time nurturing and growing something that’ll eventually fade into nothing? Oh well that’s life…we’ll deal with it. At this point I’m certain everyone experiences this and it’s fine, most times their are valid reasons for breaking a friendship and sometimes their isn’t.

I understand that I’m not much of a social person, although currently I have made quite an improvement. Growing up I found it really hard to make friends, I wasn’t even a shy person but relating with people wasn’t easy. Thinking about it I feel it was related to the fact that I was always being bullied about my looks. Well who could blame me? Getting made fun off on a regular can do that to you, although I may be wrong, this is my own theory afterall.

Well In my high school years I had two best friends Kate and Wealth, I always felt loved by them, no judgement, just acceptance, attachment and love. We used to call ourselves ‘The Trio’ I know it sounds cheesy but it still makes me smile when I think about it. Now, I understand that after highschool there is a big room of uncertainties, At that point your relationships either grows stronger or it fades away… depending on how much effort and energy is put in.


In our days together we did everything together, went out, slumber parties, shared our food, gossiped, literally what best friends do. However months after our graduation things changed, we became quite distant. At that point I understood we all had lives to live, dreams to follow or work to do, everyone was busy with their lives and I get it. But I always felt like regardless of how busy we tend to be, we can definitely still have time for each other. It won’t be a first, I saw other bonds grow stronger but ours kept fading.

They were close to being my only friends so you can see my cause for panic. I remember I would get jealous when I see Facebook post of themselves and other friends they made, it stil makes me laugh when i think of how jealous I felt, i wasn’t jealous of the friends they made rather I felt like our friendship was replaced…lol. However, I tried to patch things up with Them after some years, Kate came around but Wealth on the other hand wasn’t coming around. For some reason she seemed quite uninterested but it was actually fine. I felt bad at some point because whenever I met old friends especially those whose bond still stays strong up till now, they always asked me about her up until now. But it’s all good, we make friends and we loose some. Just don’t get too attached. Kate and I are actually still close friends, at this point I doubt if anything can separate us. I too have come out of my shell and met other people so I understand it’s just how it works! Growth!

Regardless of this, I’ve come to understand that it’s part of life, I’m writing it with ease because I understand and accept that it is how life goes. In the future I will still meet, loose and make friends, what matters is having a good heart and letting it play out! It’s all part of growth!

Thank you for reading
I hope you value friendships as much a I do
Have a lovely day

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Wow, this story is touching, those days i’m even scared of making friends, because why make friends and you both drifted apart eventually? it's painful .

I understand you perfectly well

I,m glad you do😩.