Publicly Rejecting Marriage proposals ~ Why’s, Do’s and Don’ts

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We’ve come across lots of proposal videos on a majority of platforms, some so sweet and romantic and some ending in quite an unhappy or embarrassing way. I’m certain everyone would love a cute or romantic proposal, afterall it is a special event. Some like it lavish, simple, expensive, it’s all a way of making memories. However not all proposals go as planned, some end as a disaster and some end in tears.


Is it okay to turn down a public proposal?
A friend of mine had recently asked me this, and it had me thinking. Well, from what I understand turning down a public proposal can be quite embarrassing but isn’t that a decision you make for yourself? Well, I believe if a proposal were to be turned down, it should be done in the right way. It’s okay to say ‘no’ but your actions at that point matters a lot.

We’ve stumbled on terrible videos on the internet of ’proposals-gone-wrong’ I won’t lie at some point it gets really funny lol but truthfully no one really wants to experience that. It gets so embarrassing to the point that some clips are used as tiktok sounds.

Imagine getting slapped for proposing!!
Months back a video went viral after a lady had slapped her partner after he proposed to her. This happened right at the mall, and oh well you could see the male actually shed tears. Technically she handled the situation terribly because WTH??!!! Well, this wasn’t a first, videos like this surface from time to time but it is still wrong.

spilling a drink on his head
Now, No one should even be laughing cause damn!! Thats is some crazy sh*t lol! I mean why would you do that, that’s degrading and insulting, at this point the guy looked like he needed the ground to swallow him.

cussing each other out
Verbal abuses is now quite common in these scenarios, I mean it’s a public space, people are watching! Please don’t do that OMG! I watched a girl propose to a man and the opposite spouse threw insults. Embarrassment at its peak!

So what is the best way to turn down a proposal?

Well I did some research and I got a 50/50 response;

  1. Accepting the ring publicly and privately returning it.
    Well this works for some but it’s the opposite for others. Well this can be quite unhealthy, accepting the ring is a confirmation to the public, don’t forget. Besides you never know who is watching lol.

  2. Rejecting it in the simplest and calmest way possible
    I totally agree with this, a simple ‘no I can’t’ I’m pretty sure that’s as clear as you can possibly be. No need to haul insults or seek to violence, we are all adults afterall.

  3. Request for time to think it through
    This can help you decide if you really want to take this step and it can also remove you from the pressure of the spotlight.

Final thoughts
The bottom line is of everything is to Treat people how we wish to be treated. It isn’t wrong to say ‘No’ because it is a decision you make for your future but the approach used matters a whole lot.

Thank you for reading

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