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Show me the beauty I have actually found within this falsehood. Tell me it isn't right to tell people the truth and teach me the way to lie. Walk with me within the path of reality, for everybody is abandoning that path. I love how that path of reality is such a lot less crowded.

Preach to me of how honesty is wrong, and sugar coating is the way forward. Dip my lips in sweets and my tongue in lemonade, so I can learn to tell people what they want to hear. Freeze my facial muscles and eyes for they're going to betray me anytime I hear lies.

Glue my hands together, so I won't throw my fingers in my hair and begin twiddling with it when I'm bored with paying attention to their bushwah. Expound to me how our generation is predicated on mendacity and how it's going to be hard for me to fit in.

Tell me that only the deceitful are loved and someone as meticulous as I am will have no place in this world.

Please, help me figure out where we lost all our fidelity and how we found so much beauty in falsehood.
This is just me pouring out my feelings and trying to make sense of how the world has lost track of what's right and wrong.

The world has turned into something else. We have finally lost it. Nobody believes in honesty anymore. Deception is now the order of the day. The righteous are seen as being foolish.

I really don't care if I am called foolish, I really don't care whatsoever they call me. As long as I am on the path of righteousness, I am rest assured that I'm on the right path and will never deviate from it no matter the pressure.

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