A Farewell To My Doggy Texel

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It’s been a gloomy week for I and my family. Our little dog Texel passed on a few days ago after a brief illness and it’s been really tough and heartbreaking. He brought life to the house, always playing, very welcoming and comforting.

I remember when we first got him, my mom wasn’t really in support but after he arrived, he stole her heart with his cuteness. He had dark fur around his eyes, it looked like a Batman max, very adorable. He was a little, cute fur bundle, walking around the place like his territory and always seeking attention and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


We always groomed him well to look like a gentleman, with regular visits to the vets for trims, vaccines and shots. I enjoyed bathing him because he obviously didn’t like water and it was a tussle to get him to stay still, I would always laugh at his reaction and warning growls. I usually used a dog shampoo with good fragrance for freshness and scent.Too bad I won’t get to experience this with him anymore.

I mean Texel was a cute doggy, whenever we went for a stroll he was always admired, people would stop just so they could pat him, feel his fur and give him head rubs, his favourite. Asides his canned food, he liked to sheepishly perch from my plate, I never really figured his favorite but I do know he enjoyed his doggy treats. Whenever I wanted to reward him I’d bring out his doggy treats and he’d waddle his tail in happiness.

We never thought we would loose him so early, out of everyone my little brother cried the most. I could say Texel was his best friend, he personally trained him and they bonded so well and even slept together. It was such a sad day. Sadly he’s gone now, he fell sick and the vet had said it probably something he ate. Unfortunately he couldn’t respond to treatment as he was snatched by the cold hands of death

Right now the house feels so empty as Texel isn’t there to welcome us once we get home from work or school , we really miss him so bad. His food bowls still remain where they are as no one has the mind to take them away.

Anyways, he has been buried, and is probably in a better place but he will be missed terribly. We are all still gloomy as the wound is still fresh. He will forever remain in our hearts. Rest In Peace Tex!!

Are you a fan of dogs? Ever had one?

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Awww so sad 😢😢
I can feel the loss even though I wasn't close to it
It's picture is so cute and I wish he had not died too 😒
So sorry for the loss

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Thank you 🙏