Movie🎬 Wednesday: Life of Pi

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Duration: 127 mins
Released on: 20 Nov 2012
Genre: Adventure, Drama

The movie delivers an extraordinary story with the most exquisite magnificent effects and great characters. It is essentially a story of survival rather than friendship. This story's central theme is faith. With this movie about a young man who lives alone, director Ang Lee uses every tool at his disposal to keep the spectator from becoming disinterested. It has a rapid tempo, uses music continuously to fill awkward silences, and is concurrently told by the child Pi and the adult Pi.

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We only see one character for almost two hours, thus it is obvious. Therefore, it's essential to have a great character that appeals to the audience's emotions, but it's also important to have an actor that accurately reflects this person. Suraj Sharma did a great job as Pi. He is able to design environments that are both depressing, hopeless, lonely, worn out, and angry.

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Few movies provide actors the opportunity to represent so many diverse emotions. But only if Pi is a good character can Richard Parker be said to be extraordinary. The tiger is a unique individual. There aren't many movies that can make an animal that resembles humans so much while still maintaining its wild beast nature. The viewers won't notice that this tiger is computer animated because of the way it moves, eats, stares, and walks. It doesn't matter if it was produced by a computer.


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The majority of movies won't leave a lasting impression in you. Life of Pi, there are never any boring parts, and the plot is so deftly woven that you never really realize how simple the writing is. It is masterfully directed, and Ang Lee deserves recognition for both his ability to capture the splendor of India and for casting actors who gave their best efforts.

Here's the movie 🎥 trailer

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  ·  14 days ago (edited)

A masterpiece that I never get tired of watching (I have the Blu-ray disc) 👍