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Duration: 114 min
Released on: 21 Dec 2018
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

When she encounters the fugitive Autobot Bumblebee, the teenage Hailee Steinfeld is seeking to move past the tragic death of her father. As they are being chased by both the shadowy Sector 7 and a few Decepticons, the two develop an emotional bond that will be put to the test. What makes a movie truly memorable to audiences is a captivating story, and Knight is a master at telling them. Because he gives his movies heart, the bond between Charlie and Bumblebee seems natural.


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Bumblebee doesn't say a lot in the film. His facial expressions and body language convey meaning. He alternates between hilarious and endearing scenes and aggressive confrontations. The fact that Bumblebee is smaller than the other Transformers is used to his advantage. He defeats stronger opponents with a unique fighting style.


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Numerous heartwarming, amusing, and emotionally stirring scenes center on this friendship. John Cena did a wonderful job in the part despite the predictability of his character's arc. I appreciate that this film is not just set in the 1980s—the decade in which the program debuted—but also that it is dripping with references to pop culture from that era and classic songs from that era, including a wonderful salute to Stan Bush.

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The Decepticons are really depicted better this time around; not only can I tell them apart from one another this time around because to their distinctive looks and color schemes, but they also have more personality and actually live up to their name.
Overall, there are numerous ways in which Bumblebee is similar to the Transformers movie. I'd want to see more filmmakers offer their viewpoints on the series and travel to both well-known and unexplored terrain, Finally, Bumblebee possesses the Touch.

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Here's the movie 🎥 trailer

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