Tips to Overcome Fear of Criticism and Finish a Dormant Novel

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Undoubtedly, writing a novel can be a huge challenge. What if you've written hundreds of pages but then feel unsure and scared to continue the work for fear of receiving adverse criticism?

The fear and anxiety of criticism is very common among writers, especially when it comes to finishing a neglected novel. However, don't let this fear stop you from achieving your dream of finishing your novel. In this article, we will discuss some tips that can help you overcome fear and anxiety of criticism and finish your abandoned novel.

1. Take Criticism as a Lesson


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First, it's important to remember that criticism is not a detriment, but can be a learning experience. Try to accept criticism with an open mind and be open to feedback from readers and fellow writers. Don't feel too offended or too proud to receive criticism, but use the suggestions to improve your work.

2. Don't Let Fear Stop You


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Fear can be a huge hindrance in finishing your novel. Try to understand where the fear comes from, whether it's from criticism you've received before or a lack of confidence in your writing ability. Don't let the fear stop you from finishing your work, but instead use it as motivation to keep improving your work.

3. Join a Writers' Group


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Joining a writing group can give you the support and motivation you need to finish your novel. In addition, you can also learn from the experiences and advice of other writers in the group. Try to join a writers' group that shares the same goals and interests as you.

4. Give Yourself Time to Rest


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Sometimes, the fear and anxiety of criticism can get worse if you focus too much on your work. Try to give yourself time to rest and take a break from writing so that your mind can become clearer and more open to receiving criticism. Do other enjoyable activities such as going for a walk, reading a book, or doing other hobbies that can help you relax.

5. Focus on the End Goal


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Keep in mind your ultimate goal of finishing the novel. Don't let fear keep you from achieving your dreams. Set targets and a regular schedule for completing your novel and stick to them.

In conclusion, the fear and anxiety of criticism can indeed be a big hindrance in finishing your abandoned novel. However, by accepting criticism as a learning experience, not letting fear stop you, joining a writers' group, allowing time for breaks, and focusing on the end goal, you can overcome these fears and anxieties and finish your novel.

Don't forget that writing a novel is a process that requires patience, perseverance, and effort. Nothing is perfect in this world, and neither is your work. Keep trying to improve your work, and don't be afraid to accept criticism as part of the process. That way, you'll be closer to achieving your dream of finishing your novel.


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