My Black And White Photography 26-01-2023

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20230126_102816.jpgShot using Samsung smartphone

Below are the rules to follow in this Black & White photography challenge:

  • Photo/photos taken by you
  • Black and white images that represent any positive meaning in life
  • Present one or two image every day
  • You may add people, if you want
  • No explanation needed
  • Use tag #bnwphotography.



20230126_102820.jpgFoto saya ambil menggunakan smartphone Samsung

Di bawah ini adalah aturan yang harus diikuti dalam tantangan fotografi Hitam Putih:

  • Harus foto milik anda sendiri (diambil oleh anda)
  • Gambar hitam putih yang mewakili setiap makna positif
  • Posting satu atau dua gambar setiap hari
  • Diperbolehkan memposting orang, kalau anda inginkan
  • Tidak perlu penjelasan tentang foto yang anda posting
  • Gunakan tagar #hitamputih


blurt-logo-daisy - Copy.gif

Black and white photos are part of the history of photography. It was black and white photos that eventually developed and made photography a part of the lifestyle it is today. However, that does not mean black and white photos will disappear over time. It is still loved today.

The first photograph was taken in 1826 or 1827 by the French Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. He made his own camera and photographed the view from the window of his house entitled “View from the Window at Le Gras”. A mixture of water and bitumen is applied to a glass or metal plate. The plate was inserted in a camera he built to receive enough light in eight hours. This process is called heliographing.

Photography continues to grow and produce innovations in the use of film that produces black and white photos. The first digital photos were taken in 1957 starting from black and white photos. Despite the emergence of technology that produces color photos, black and white photos are still loved because of their classic appearance.

Like the photo from Moselo Expert from Vajar Renjana, he can make photos look classic in every frame in black and white. Even so, a series of photos can still tell a strong story about a wedding.

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