22 Hours Ahead to BPUD September!

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Are you guys ready? Collect your Blurt & Be ready to do great power-ups.

Already 8 months have passed and We are headed to the end of 2022. So here is coming a new month with new hopes. So Be ready to grab some great prizes just by powering up some blurt. Don't forget to buy some from the exchanges also...

And from next month, We will add some new rules to the #BPUD event to make more competitive with some additional prizes. So better to hurry up.. May be this month will be yours.

This Reminder is to be Prepared with your Blurt... #BPUD is 22h Ahead

No Clue On What's Happening?

Read Rules and Guidelines Here

See You on #BPUD day.. Join with your friend!

Applause to our delegators!👏👏👏👏👏


Don't forget to vote me as a Witness

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Definitely looking forward to tomorrows power-up :)

Looking forward your power up.

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May it be a great BPUD ! Good luck to everyone 💜

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Let's hope some great power ups.