Winner Announcement BPUD May

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I didn't get any inquiry about Preliminary results, so it is time to announce the final results!


First Place : @zology69



Prize : 10000 BP from @blurtyield & 3000 BP from @randula

Second Place : @epistem



Prize : 7000 BP from @kamranrkploy & 3000 BP from @alejos7ven

Third Place : @lxsxl



Prize : 5000 BP from @blessed-girl & 2000 BP from @maskuncoro

Fourth Place : @nestorgarcia



Prize : 4000 BP from @alejos7ven & 1000 BP from @randula

Fifth Place : @ekads



Prize : 3000 BP from @alejos7ven & 1000 BP from @randula

Highest Blurt Powerup : @lxsxl

We have selected highest power up user in May BPUD. It's 15800 Blurt power up.


So, 75 Blurt will be distributed.

Regarding the voting prizes for highest power up users, winners are as below.

PlaceWinners UsernamePowered up amountVote prize
1@lxsxl15805.150% vote from megadrive
2@opidia1500040% vote from megadrive
3@zology691020030% vote from megadrive
4@epistem473020% vote from megadrive
5@nestorgarcia322910% vote from megadrive

Congratulations Winners!

Dear Sponsors,
You can do the delegations & votings now. You can keep delegations for 25 days from the day you do the delegation.

This is our fourth BPUD event in Blurt Platform. I must thank the whole the blurt community for the attention that was put on this event. Thanks a lot for making promotion materials, posts and giving support with votes. That's a good strength for a community. Let's try to make more power ups in next BPUD.

See you with next #BPUD!

Don't forget to vote me as a Witness
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Hello @randula
Thank you for sharing such great content!
Use #blurtconnect tag to get more upvotes from usBlurt to the moon 🌕You can delegate any amount of Blurt power to @blurtconnect-ng
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I am sorry for being so late , i was busy and there are some personal problems i am going through.

I just wanted to confirm that the 7000 blurtpower Delegation will be given to winner but this time not from my account but from powerclub account.

I had a talk with randula already and she is ok with that.

Thank you

yep Randula is totally okay. :) Thanks Kamran

Many congratulations to the winners let's get #blurt up to the top I'm in for the next power up.❤️

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I wish I will see you in next BPUD Event

How are you mom?
Has the atmosphere in Sri Lanka been peaceful again?

Not at all..All things are getting worse day by day..Don't know what will happen..People are strugglig to live today.😥

Not much different from my country. People are always oppressed. I hope you're okay. Take care of her health.

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Wow.. Thank you very much.. Congrats for other winners.

See you on next #BPUD

See you again...

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Too cool! Let's keep giving value to Blurt. Congratulations to all 🧡

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Good luck dear

Thank you so much @randula. I'm truly glad I participated in this contest. I will use the delegation wisely to support the community by curating EPISTEM related works. Thank you once more, I'm grateful

Happy to see your project got a prize. Hope this prize will help you a little bit for your journey.

Great. Congrats to @zology69!
Delegation of 10,000 BP sent, as always, from my witness account, @busbecq.

And thanks to @randula for all the work too!

Thank you for continuous support for the BPUD event..


Congrats to everybody.
Delegation being processed as I type... well, after I finish typing.

Thank you.. Thank you... ❤️

You finished, I finished, we're all finished!

🙄You & I ???🤯🤯🤯🤯

fetching little rectangles.
Those icon-things almost never render - just the common ones - dunno why.

Thank you for the prizes. I’ll make good use of it starting now, and I’ll keep powering up as much as I can.😊

Congratulations and use this power wisely

2000 BP delegation has been sent to @lxsxl

Thanks a lot!

Thank you❤️

Congratulations to all the winners

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Thank you

Just sent my delegations to the winners. Good luck for you all.

Thank you so much

Thanks a lot!