BYT Back: Reward Distribution Done for 18 July 2022

in byt •  2 months ago 

This week's reward distribution has been done. Payouts in SWAP.HIVE.

SWAP.HIVE per 100 BYT Payout = 0.337 (down) (+ 0.328 Bonus = 0.665)

Headline Yield: 16.6% APR (assuming ABV) (down)

Yield at par: 17.6% APR (assuming 1 HIVE price) (down)


The headline yield has been bouncing around the 20% mark for many weeks. Although it has never been this low, at least we know the reason for it. Once those "lost" 3 days have flushed out, we should be back up to the 20% region.

The loss of 3 days out of 7 is equivalent to about a 40% drop, but note that the drop in yield is only about 20%. This shows our diversification across two other networks does have an effect.

Remember: multiply Headline Yield with the ABV will equal the Yield at par.

Full post will come in a few hours. As usual, this brief post sets a timestamp for the distribution.

Any BYT token purchases made after this distribution will receive rewards next week.

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I wish people wpuld take this more seriously , this is such a perfect staking .

Yeah, actual tokens held has been flat for over 2 months - kinda bored now.
Was seriously looking at a parallel token on Juno - just before that imploded with their naive "fair" airdrop - why don't people put their black hats on and stress-test their naive assumptions?
I need to think about that again - get a new audience.

Well , isnt that one till August ?
I dont mind another stretch though
But i understand it can be bored for you ...

Not to worry, just thinking out loud, as will need to write it down in a couple of weeks anyway.
Don't worry, I've been managing similar tokens for 5 years and have never abandoned any of them - there is a technique to an orderly wind-down, or an expansion, so BYT then becomes a component of a broader fund. Is not hard, but it is hard work if done properly and that's why it really needs to be bigger.
Managing $1m is kinda the same amount of time as $50k!!

And at some point , market will recover , for almost all projects .
Same amount of time , i am not surprised .