BYT Back: Reward Distribution Done for 8 August 2022

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This week's reward distribution has been done. Payouts in SWAP.HIVE.

SWAP.HIVE per 100 BYT Payout = 0.369 (down)

Headline Yield: 23.2% APR (assuming ABV) (UP)

Yield at par: 19.2% APR (assuming 1 HIVE price) (down)

BYT ABV: 0.83 HIVE (down)

With the HIVE/BLURT swap rate continuing to diverge a bit, this week's distribution is down a touch. The one consolation is that the headline rate has gone up, like last week, proving yet again that the earning potential remains good - just that the exchange rates are challenging.

Actual payouts have only dropped slightly, from 173 to 169 HIVE.

Remember: multiply Headline Yield with the ABV will equal the Yield at par.

Full post will come in a few hours. As usual, this brief post sets a timestamp for the distribution.

Any BYT token purchases made after this distribution will receive rewards next week.

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