A Short Post On WHO Using Vaccines As A Cover To Admnister Infertility Shots

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This will be a very short post (especially by my standards). It was prompted by a post by a man I hold in much esteem here, @rajitsear.

He is leading the village he oversees into becoming more modern and making life better. He has been an inspiration for myself as I watch what the power and intent of one man can have on so many people.

One of his projects is building medical facilities. The village he is at has so little, no public maintained roads, no medical facility, nothing much as all really and he is changing things there with his vision and will.

His most recent post alarmed me, as he brought in medical folks to vaccinate and I remembered what happened in Nigeria several years ago where they (WHO) were said to have mixed in HCG with the tetanus vaccine to cause 500000 women to become infertile.

Dr Evil Medicine.jpg

(source is a meme generator called imageflip)

I did my normal research to share the most up to date facts with him and came across a recent documentary on it as well.

Sadly, as I grew to know all to well in my years on blogging on human trafficking, the link I shared initially with him was taken down in less than twelve hours of my sharing it with him

I found another link where the video is hosted on a website, a 30 minute documentary sharing the proof of this diabolical agenda.

I'm now going to share my last comment with links for those who are interested in knowing more on how some in power are using the medical field to perform crimes against humanity on us.

Here is my comment to him with relevant links.

My apologies the video was already taken down from when I watched it last night. Here are some articles and then will share a link to the producers of the video, but you will need to give them an email address to access it which I was trying to avoid for you.

The short of it is the WHO perfected an infertility vaccine and it's estimated they administered it to 500000 women in Nigeria before they were caught. It was mixes in with the tetanus vaccine. They were using HCG to cause the female body to abort the fetus once it began growing and sending off chemicals that the HCG in the vaccine had programmed the body to see as a threat.

It was your own church ironically that uncovered this entire evil scheme.





I found a website that has the video without requiring you to give your email address. It's just under 30 minutes. I beg of you to please watch this video and you will see the proof as given by your own church and the doctors and laboratories showing exactly how they know this and the efforts taken by government to shut them up.


I've mostly moved away from writing on these horrible schemes, but felt compelled to as I know rajitsear is a man of conscience and would likely blame himself if in his desire to make life better to the village he cares for it allows in such evil schemers as we saw operating in Nigeria just a few years ago.

I share it now with the rest of you as I hope the next time someone is demanding one "trust to the science" you will keep in mind those paying for the science might be misusing it to perform crimes against humanity.

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So this is where all the Real Slim Shadies are at!

Thanks to @logiczombie and the ever Communist himself @freebornangel for bringing me here. Much more like home!

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I'm glad to see you here. Wish (selfishly) the timing was different as I'm needing to step back and focus on some other areas of my life. I noticed you were here in a comment section a little bit ago. I've missed your wit.

Blurt is a work in progress. It didn't have any of the truther community here when I got here at the beginning of last year. Mostly folks from impoverished trying to carve out a place here where despite the low value can still impact their lives. Good people overall, and many willing to use translators which got me in the habit of using them.

I've encouraged several to come here from Hive with mixed results. It seems many have grown addicted to the conflicts we see play out on Steem/Hive and desperate to create controversy where none really exists as well as dissect folks who weren't seeking to be dissected. Throw in a couple of whales who have tried to force their desired changes here and been denied and has been interesting. I'll be curious to see if the free speech folks from the west who believe it is their god given rights to offend can mix with the majority who have no desire for such dynamics and could give a shit about labeling someone a post modernist, lol.

If they can coexist I think things might be looking up for Blurt despite the recent conflicts that have been taking place here.

Welcome to Blurt.

Thank you for the kind words, may we meet again and I'll keep the quota filled with off the wall shenanigans!

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There have always been human trials and that will probably never change.
But you can't assume that,
that this was the case with this vaccination in the village....

If you understand English I urge you to watch the documentary. This was an evil plan someone in the WHO implemented to cause sterility in Nigerian women. They mixed an anti fertility vaccine with the other vaccination and purposely used it without informing the victims. The documentary shows it all.

Similar things happened in India, when illegal forced testing was done on Children and after that high rates of paralysis were observed, but it was all ignored and they continued the vaccination drives, and the fact checkers puppets claim it as false news.

I'm shocked really that those in power holding the doors open for these evil monsters are not held accountable. Especially from many in the established religions. Here in the U.S. there are some Christian churches that are vocal against these schemes, but the large organizations are all pushing it.

It reveals much about how larger organized religions are working in lock step with those who own the politicians.

My heart goes out to all the folks who have had to watch their loves ones, especially the children endure such atrocities foisted upon us by these evil beings.

Oh my God!!!! This is my first time of hearing this. I never knew that something like that happened in Nigeria. Also, I believe that these same people know something about how COVID-19 came up. I just feel that way

My apologies I didn't have time to respond when I read and upvoted your comment. I wanted to return to it however, as I appreciate your comment.

I think the largest impediment many of us have is we are ignorant of much of what goes on around us. The hardships we face coupled with just trying to get by as best we can for ourselves and loved ones often means we are oblivious to many evil schemes taking place all around us.

I'm thankful that I was able to be a conduit of one of these dastardly schemes for a few people here, which holds much more value than the small financial reward that accompanied this post. If just one person can become aware of what has been done to so many innocent folks under the disguise of something good then it is so worthwhile. Because it starts a chain reaction and now you can help educate others you know and spread the word to stop these type of evil schemes.

Like yourself, I know there is much deception in the entire Covid theater. Unlike many of my peers who believe they made the whole thing up, I do believe something is going on and that they are lying about what it is and using Covid as a cover to explain the sickness as well as give some tainted injections to a small percentage of those who are taking the so-called immunizations. The evidence is growing that a small percentage of the injections they call vaccine is quite harmful to the recipient as well as growing studies saying those immunized are more susceptible to getting the Covid.

These are indeed dark times we find ourselves in, and I have much sympathy for those who are so trusting they are being led like a farm animal to the slaughter. I have many family who refuse to even look at any evidence that something is amiss, and I long ago had to come to terms with the fact one can't save another, the other has to be open at the least to giving a good hard look at scenarios that can be quite frightening once one understands the scope of who is involved and to what lengths they go to harm innocent folks.

I wish you well in these trying times, and that the Spirit is able to guide you in knowing the difference between those who bring good and those who lie about bringing good.

I remember seeing the posts about building a medical centre and just couldn't bring myself to warn him. Where do you start? I have so much info on why people should NOT buy into modern medicine it would have just overwhelmed him.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Truer than ever today!!
FYI even Tedros the leader of the WHO has refused the convid vaccines under the guise of virtue signalling to the Ethiopians he originally genocided. Check this out -

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I wish maybe you had. It hadn't dawned on me that in just this short amount of time the vaccine coats would already be arriving. His village is literally in the middle of nowhere with no maintained roads, electricity, running water etc. They moved quick which was what really frightened me when I read his post.

Am afraid it was my first thought but as he never mentioned the V's I wasn't sure what his thoughts were. Been bitten too many times for wading in with my anti-v boots on into places that are not ready to listen. I spose i was like you hoping for the best but also, unlike you, expecting the worst.
A few years ago I would have been the first to steam in with my links and scientific papers but I changed tac a while back. I began to see that no-one really sees it until they themselves feel the harm.
His post (when I found it thru yours) was kind of shocking in it's openness to showcase the blatant coercion and the use of religious influence. The blind trust and belief in salvation in a needle.
Then to be blown away at the swift response from others, not me and his willingness to listen. My faith in humanity is somewhat restored. Bless you for speaking out like that, and the others. It looks like the wind has definitely shifted now.

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Oh, man this is all so crazy !

They have consistently used communication techniques to screw us all since WWII.
The last big lie was the crap about the deadly virus and the panacea against it the so called vaccine which never got a full vaccine approval anywhere in the world !

Well I finally feel confirmed in my opinion that they are trying to fool us, I have been banned many times for it, declared crazy, that I am a conspiracy theorist. Ok and now it is out the big guys got all their shit even though they were vaccinated several times !

Haha, if the crap really existed and it wasn't just a violent flu !??.
And thanks to God and the pharmaceutical industry, none of the important ones died.

And what if it turns out that the views of some rebellious doctors are correct and that viruses in general do not exist ?
Then my dear friends even the last one will believe that he was constantly fooled to make it better for those up there, fuck him, he doesn't count that´s what the think about us!

This, brothers and sisters, Blurtians and who ever is reading that, will lead to the worst financial crash ever, so prepare yourselves, the countdown is already on, there are whole flocks of black swans coming our way.

Yes, viruses do not exist and Covid is just a flu....
I know people who have been infected and had no/almost no symptoms. I know people who were seriously ill, in a coma and almost died. I know people with long covid. And yes, I know people who have died from it too.
But maybe I just dreamed it all!
We all witnessed a Corona flu, back two years ago on Steemit.....

Hi to you,

not sure, if you are serious or not, so I better ask before I jump to conclusions.
You hold the virus theory for something proven and real. Is that correct?

Yes, it is indeed a virus and it will truly not be the last!
Where it comes from and how people deal with it...that's another chapter!

How would you receive the information that the Max-Planck-Institute released a scientific paper about the history of virology, which concluded that there is no final consensus between the debating and investigating scientific parties for more than a hundred years. Virologists and attached sciences are having this debate about virus-theory until this day. The institute was quite clear about it and stated that the theory were neither proven nor unproven. If you like, I forward you the source.

I've really read a lot in the last few years. I am a pharmaceutical technical assistant, have been well trained and have worked in this profession for over 20 years. I had my own opinion on the subject of Corona from the very beginning and acted accordingly for me personally. Everyone must decide this for themselves. In recent years, I have had some interesting conversations with people who disagreed with me. However, many things were, in my opinion, total nonsense, because some people do not know what they are talking about. There was a lot of confusion...
Anyway, to be honest, I'm tired of the topic.
To the topic Corona comes then also the new world order etc..
Some of it is really interesting, a lot of it is not new at all and I have noticed that people who are only concerned with these topics display sectarian behavior.
I personally have much too much to do and not the time to spend hours every day with it...
The future will definitely suck and our great, fat, free years are definitely over in my opinion.
The biggest problem will be nature, call it climate change or whatever you want.
Everyone who doesn't just sit at home but is out in nature can see and feel it.
Everything is messed up, the earth doesn't care.
We humans will exterminate ourselves....
because instead of sticking together, people are selfish, greedy for power and money, violent and antisocial.

Though I oftentimes think myself that people are selfish, greedy for power and such, the moment you say it I want to object. The average Joe and Mary from my life and my daily environment are usually not violent and antisocial. It's more like "exception conform the rule".
But we as average people can become very anti-social towards each other once we are scared (thing is, we are scared towards different things and this divides us). People become so desperate and angry about this division that it can cause what you called sectarian behavior, a stronger form of what is already seen in division. It's bad for all of us.

When I can, I am friendly and social and don't attack someone actively. On my day today I had several friendly encounters (I pushed them a bit). I think it does not help a bit to fall into doomsday moods. Too often in my life the world was doomed and if I always had believed the worst from the worst, I would have either gotten insane or very very depressed.

Good day to you.

When I was about 16 years old, we had the forest dieback and I knew then that this development that people were taking was not good. That was 40 years ago now.
For decades the rainforest has been cleared, the glaciers are melting, the sea level is rising, many species are dying and then there is overpopulation., etc.
For me personally, these are simply facts and what will result is obvious.
There is no need to sugarcoat it.
And what does the incompetent mankind do?

By the way, I am a very positive person.
Mostly for me the glass is half full and I try to make the best of the situation.
I am glad that I had such a nice life.
As a child I was always outside, we didn't have much,
but we were free and we had community.
I traveled a lot, saw a lot, not only beautiful things, but also a lot of poverty.
I am glad that I am mentally resilient, that I have a great husband, nice parents and friends and that I have never been seriously ill.
I am grateful!

This goes way back into antiquity. Men have been entranced by the spell(ing)s as far back as I can find.

It's quite a juggling act once one becomes aware the tool quickly becomes the binder.

Google has really upped their commitment to hiding any websites that are contrary to the approved narrative in the last couple of years.

I see the post is from before my time here. I note you also got a whopping 4 votes on it and no real comments of interest from anyone consuming the post.

This is not the first time. Has happened before, searching for papers or books I know exist - coz I have a copy - and stupidly think that an online search is faster than looking through a dozen HDDs. Alas not. Is one reason I actually save histories. ;-)

please all subscribe to the waybackmachine which with a single click you can save any page in the web archive. Brave has the archive built into the browser so when you hit the 404 page it will look for the saved page on archive. I've been using it for years and saved many 'anti-vax' info there.

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I do use that from time to time.

If you add the app to your browser any time you find a page that looks like it will be censored you can archive it yourself so anyone can find it again when it's taken down. It's very simple.

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WBM can and has removed stuff, but still better than Wnkipedia. This is especially true of official shit where they want to scrub edits. However, is still good for things like contentious research papers on arxiv that get later withdrawn - the art there is to smell they are contentious before they are cancelled.

Yes, a worthwhile browser app.

Oh, and for all the vaxaholics out there, read that paper very, very, very carefully. One obvious (to me) part of the scam was to destroy people in batches. Way too obvious if everybody is affected, so create a few batches of evil and let the pain and grief and confusion do its job. Just like Russian Roulette.

You survived - so fuckin what!? Just prepped and confident for the next jab. Oh, and those "mystery" symptoms your drug-dealing doctor is clueless about... nvm.

They did the same with convid. There were definitely placebo batches. I heard the kill shots were increased in each booster for the slow kill you talk of. Of course it would be too obvious if everyone suddenly dropped dead after the first dose. This is why they keep pushing for more and more boosters.

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I recall some smart nurses on a forum had figured out the batch codes :-) Not common knowledge.

Yes I remember that video well. Placebo's were even mentioned in parliament in the uk. An MP let it slip when asking if the placebo group would be given green cards too.

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My son is sadly one of these. And when questioned on why if the vax works it is only effective for him if i take one too he smugly has informed me that he doesn't have the time to explain the "science" to me.


urgh... all my family too. "but the TV said..."
and wtf is "mild kovid"?
ffs, my kid is still strong enough to get rid of "flu symptoms" within 24 hrs - everyone's amazed - including me :-)
Indeed, this week further shows me it's the pollutants - in this case agri pollutants.
Plus possibly 5G-wifi - I turned mine off as was getting headaches - and I almost never suffer headaches.

My favorite troll of the msm was when star QB Aaron Rodgers told the media his toe injury was Covid Toe. They had been harassing him for some time for not getting vaxxed and after he said it was Covid Toe they all ran with the headline before he said it was a joke, lol.


They really ARE that stupid! ffs
Why does a dog wag its tail? Coz the dog is smarter than the tail.

There should be a Catch-33: if you can prove you're retarded then you can't be.

Just noticed, you link to the same paper. nvm.
Vaxes are a death kult. That's it - that's all.

I left also a comment over there. Thanks for bringing this to attention.


Loved your comment it spurred me to comment myself. I don't know why I didn't see the original post myself am sure my hackles would have exploded. Great to see so many people giving a dose of truth medicine here. It warms me cockles.

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I appreciate your interest in this. Your comment was dead on over there.

Among the saddest experiences I can witness or be part of is when I see someone with intentions based in love used as a conduit for sick depraved actions. The folks prey upon the naivete of the good hearted which makes the schemes more sickening as so often it creates a jaded heart where before was an innocent loving heart.

Good to learn you come from good farming stock. Many of the smartest folks I've known come from these so called simple backgrounds.

I remember this too. Vials were sent to 4 different labs. Philippines and Nicaragua too were affected too. Check this out from the National Library of medicine about this.....
"Tetanus vaccine may be laced with anti-fertility drug. International / developing countries"

I can't seem to find anyone being held accountable. The fact checking and lame stream media all say the allegations are unfounded. Despite video proof coupled with expert testimony.

Thanks for adding the link to the post.

I wrote about this too - assisted miscarriage.
Do Kenyans not remember?

I'm guessing that ignorance would be even worse there as so many live in villages with just the bare bone minimum for shelter with no electricity or running water.

I look around me here where we have all of this and communication tools and most around me still are ignorant at the many evil structures that surround us everywhere we go.

True, altho I have seen stories of villages burning down their new "clinics" at times, so word of mouth can still be more powerful than warped-media.
And if one thinks patented drugs are toxic, look what happens when they go generic, made by some cheap factory that cuts corners, misses a few purification steps to knock off garbage with some by=products still left in. Clinics need cleansing - before that, minds need cleansing. fat chance!

Remember your article? lol. I suspect not.
Anyway... found it, with a manual search.

I wasn't familiar with Jimmy Dore until about a year ago, and find him to be quite dead on in the observations I've seen him make. He reminds me of what a true liberal is/was before crazy evil people hijacked the label.

He is absolutely right about the so called Covid jabs. I believe it was Israel that reported that those who got the jab there are actually more susceptible to getting Covid now than those who didn't.

when i first tried to watch jimmy dore a couple of years back, he just seemed "unfunny" to me

but now i watch everything he and russell brand post on youtube and they both have about an 85% hit rate

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

I still can't bring myself to like or trust Brand. Dore is coming across to me as a true liberal before the label got hijacked by loonies.


how hard is it to stick to you "anti-war" guns ?

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Oh gosh !!
Knowledge indeed is power…
Am so humbled by this documentary . As I watched it to the end I felt for my continent ; I felt for the victims . I hope my desire and wish for this rural community doesn’t turn around to hurt them .
My intention and desire was out of concern and goodwill.
May the lord show his mercy upon his own .
May the lord cause the wicked to repent . Life is sacred and precious and most be protected at the highest level .

Thanks once more @praticalthought !

mmm... the wicked cannot repent as they are proud of the fruits of their wickedness.

Deus Vult

Oh gosh !!
Knowledge indeed is power…
Am so humbled by this documentary . As I watched it to the end I felt for my continent ; I felt for the victims . I hope my desire and wish for this rural community doesn’t turn around to hurt them .
My intention and desire was out of concern and goodwill.
May the lord show his mercy upon his own .
May the lord cause the wicked to repent . Life is sacred and precious and most be protected at the highest level .

Thanks once more @praticalthought !



His most recent post alarmed me, as he brought in medical folks to vaccinate and I remembered what happened in Nigeria several years ago ...

So glad you addressed this 🙏👍🥓

Now for some sardonic laughter at Irony and synchronicity
Covid: Interesting Tagline Here

hehe nice to read that guiltyparty has it, and my old best friend in Steemit and HIVE the big and honest PFUNK had it also, but shit sometimes the wrong guys survive ;)

99.9% of people who catch it are going to be fine...
which is why people who get vaxxed are demonstrating a completely different infection.

but yea, it couldn't have happened to a better example of a generic piece of shite like Guilty.

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